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Bedroom Motifs Sure to Please You Both

Posted on February 24, 2014 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

Sharing your life means never having to be alone, enjoying life’s ups and downs together, and building a future that’s perfect for you. It also means sharing your things and, more importantly, your space. Sometimes this can be a challenge, but here are some ways to design your space and make the transition to living with a partner easier:

Accent Walls

One of you loves color. The other one is just fine with white walls with no art to adorn them. What do you do? There’s a way to meet in the middle and that’s by creating an accent wall. An accent wall adds color to the room and gives it dimension without washing the space in full hue. Choose a wall that will have things propped in front of it like the TV stand or bedpost, and you will achieve a subtle hint of color without overwhelming the space. While you could leave the other three walls white, perhaps consider muting the contrast a bit and painting those walls eggshell or off-white.

The Twovet

This changes the game completely. How often do you argue over being too hot or too cold in bed? Many couples add extra blankets that shift over night and somehow end up partially covering the person who didn’t want them. In worst case scenarios, couples end up sleeping in different rooms because they just can’t get the temperature situation right. The Twovet changes all of that. The Twovet has a thick side for the one who is cold in bed and a thin side for the one who likes to be cooler. Constructed with a baffle box, which keeps the filling where it should be, there’s no chance of the person who wants less covers getting too hot. No more sweating or shivering for either of you.

His and Hers Closets

This has to be one of the biggest sticking points in relationships – space in the closet. Both people feel they don’t have space, even though one person typically dominates the area. Create boundaries by making a his and hers closet. This doesn’t assume that you have loads of space in the closet. Even if your closet is not a walk-in, you can designate space in this way. Add cubbies that hang on the back of the door, shoe racks and a hanger marker that separates the space. Having these spaces in place won’t make it seem like you are claiming your space – it will just make the argument over it cease to exist.

Give and Take

There will come a time when there won’t be a gadget to eliminate the problem, nor will any level of compromise appease you both. Sometimes you just have to give in. The trick is to make sure you share that responsibility. If one really wants a paisley border, and there is no way around it, that might be the time to acquiesce. The next time the other person really wants something, like a chair rail in the dinning room, the favor should be returned. This does more than just keep the peace; it shows a level of cooperation that is needed in a successful relationship.

Living together under one roof has its challenges, but there are ways to get through it. Compromise and the availability of unique products can help you avoid this landmine.

How have you compromised in designing your bedroom motif?

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The Perfect Valentine's Gift For Him

Posted on February 12, 2014 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

If your man is like many, he's hard to buy any gift for, and when it comes to something with a romantic slant for Valentine's Day, the task becomes even more difficult. In the past, you've probably prepared his favorite meal, or presented him with "IOU slips" for one thing or another, or in extravagant years, something simple but elegant in the jewelry line - a tie pin, cuff links or even a watch. While those are nice gifts, they don't really represent romance, do they? Often the key to sparking or rekindling romance can be attributed to lifestyle; every one works so hard these days, and health, diet and sleep can suffer. General fatigue never leads to romance!

Redecorating the bedroom - to make it more intimate or cozy - can help; so can making the bedding more conducive to romance; and working on one of the factors that can lead to better health and more energy - a better nights sleep!

How often have you and your partner struggled with the covers? One of you is too hot, the other is too cold, one of you kicks off the blankets, the other might pull the bed covers all over to one side.

There is an answer. The "Twovet" is the ultimate solution, the "comforter for couples." One side is lighter for the 'hot sleeper', the other side offers twice the warming power for the "cool sleeper."

Hypoallergenic, with irritant free fill, constructed with eco-friendly materials in the USA, the Twovet Couples Comforter is covered with a luxurious 100-percent cambric cotton cover. Cambric cotton is densely woven, yet extremely light cloth, which was originally developed in the French village of Cabrai in the 1600s.

The Twovet's 'baffle box' construction method prevents fill from shifting, and you know how that can affect your comfort.

Available in Queen and King sizes, the Twovet can provide the ultimate in sleep comfort, better rest, which can lead to more energy in and out of the bedroom. He'll like it because you are both sleeping better, you'll like it because there will be no more nights of multiple comforters of different weights or colors. In other words, it creates a more aesthetically pleasing bedroom and fits with any decorating scheme.

The Twovet Company offers you additional bedroom comfort with its quality duvet covers and fleece blankets.

Light a few candles, pull the drapes, and reveal the bedroom to your man. He'll get the hint immediately, and after a great night's sleep for both of you, he might get the hint all over again!

The Twovet is shipped free to customers in the United States, and offers an unprecedented 365-day, free, no-hassle return.

Quality materials and construction, free shipping and a virtual guarantee of satisfaction: the Twovet is romance reinvented.

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Add a Touch of Romance to Your Bedroom

Posted on January 31, 2014 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

The ambiance of a bedroom has the power to heat up a couple's romance. Choosing themes and color palettes that speak specifically to the unique synergy of the couple can strengthen the foundation of a relationship. Couples that makes sound decor choices about the space where they sleep are making good investments in the futures of their relationships.

Choose the Right Bed

The entire theme and mood of a bedroom usually centers around the bed. Once partners agree on the type of bed they will share, the rest of the decor in the room magically falls into place. For example, couples who choose dramatic bed frames like canopy or poster beds are begging for more ornate accents. Thick drapes with striking panel rods, Victorian tassel tiebacks, and heavy silver or gold picture frames all have a proper place around king size plush beds.

Likewise, more understated beds are well matched with subtle decor. In a room where the bed is modest, the couple gets to always be the center of attention in the room. Bed linens should have colors and patterns that are arousing to both people in a relationship. It should never be a sanctuary to one person and uncomfortable for the other. Couples have to work together to find the right colors and motifs to satisfy both of their tastes.

Choose Accents That Appeal to the Senses

Everything about love is sensual. A bedroom should be sensual, too. It is important to remember that decor moves beyond just what is immediately visible after entering the room. A sense of smell is just as important as the color and design choices.

There are ways to control what your significant other smells right away. Reed diffusers, plug-in air fresheners, fragrant linen water, candles, carpet fresheners and incense reach the senses immediately. Every romantic bedroom should aim to use the senses in such a way that the people who dwell there can recall the colors and smells even when they are away from home. The most effective designs cater to the sense of hearing as well. Peaceful waterfalls or soft music help to keep the mood in a bedroom romantic.

Fill the Room with Your Love Story

Although many couples like to fill their bedrooms with photos of their children, pets and art, the best accessories they can place in this space are pictures of themselves. The bedroom space is sacred. It is the once place where neither partner should have to compete with the energy of others. Every memento, framed piece of art, and photograph should be directly connected to the love story of the couple. Family photos can be reserved for another space in the house.

Avoid Television

It is tempting to place a television in the bedroom as well. Watching prime time shows or movies in bed is a comfort and a luxury. Keeping a television out of the bedroom can also be romantic. It invites a couple to deal with one another when they are in the bedroom rather than escaping into fictional lives. To help keep the lines of communication open, couples could try keeping journals that they write in together or a decorative box of love notes. This ensures that the people who love in this room are always the main topic.

What special touches have you added to your bedroom in order to add a sense of romance?

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Snore No More: Alternative Methods for Snoring Prevention

Posted on January 24, 2014 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

Sleep typically brings relaxation and rest. However, when the muscles surrounding the upper airways relax too much, the airway space constricts, and inhalation results in the harsh vibratory noise known as snoring. Each night, about 40 percent of people sleeping probably are snoring. Those who share a bed with a habitual snorer find little rest or relaxation. Fortunately, bedtime can regain its peace, and quiet can be restored with the help of a few creative remedies to counter snoring.

Make Musical Sounds to Prevent Nighttime Noise

Researchers at the University of Zurich found that regularly playing a didgeridoo reduced nighttime snoring in people with moderate sleep apnea. Playing the didgeridoo, an Australian Aboriginal wind instrument, requires circular breathing, which strengthens the muscles that dilate the upper airway. Strengthened airway muscles reduce the likelihood that the airway tissue will go limp during sleep and cause snoring. Other instruments, particularly the trumpet, clarinet and tuba, that involve similar breathing techniques as the didgeridoo might be similarly effective, but minimal research exists yet.

Full Body Workout

Exercise in general reduces the likelihood of snoring, since working out helps maintain a fit physique. Since extra weight adds neck fat that narrows air passages, which in turn contributes to snoring, slimming down minimizes snoring by alleviating the added pressure on those passageways. Additionally, exercising the muscles surrounding those passageways strengthens and tones the muscles that relax and vibrate during sleep. A few times a day, touch your tongue tip to the roof of your mouth and make a fast "tsk-tsk" sound. Another exercise requires sticking the tongue straight out as far as possible and then moving it left to right and then up and down.

The Princess and the Pea: Proper Positioning

Ideally, you should sleep only on your side or stomach, freeing any obstructed airflow. To prevent you from shifting to your back during sleep, you must make doing so uncomfortable. In the fairytale "The Princess and the Pea," her highness has such heightened sensitivity that she feels a pea placed beneath a pile of mattresses and cannot sleep comfortably. In the real world, few suffer from such extreme sensitivity. Usually, an irritant larger than a pea is required. A tennis ball taped or sewn to the back of sleepwear serves as an effective deterrent from laying in a supine position.

Recipes for a Cure

Most lists of tips on the topic of snoring include mention of what not to eat or drink. For example, you are warned against mucus-producing dairy and cautioned against alcohol, caffeine or heavy meals within an hour or two of bedtime. In contrast, the following list suggests a few items you should eat to help silence the snoring:

  • Add two spoons of turmeric powder to a glass of milk. Drink before going to bed.
  • Crush enough cardamom seeds to equal half of a spoon of powder. Add to a glass of warm water, and drink the mixture nightly before sleep.
  • Insert two drops of clarified butter, or ghee, in your nostrils each morning and before going to bed.


The didgeridoo, exercise, sleeping position and foods provide relief for many snorers and their partners. What other solutions have proven effective at restoring a quiet night of sleep?

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Sleep Better with the Twovet

Posted on January 14, 2014 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

Sleeping with a partner is not always easy, but with the Twovet sharing the same bed can be more comfortable. If partners have two different sleeping temperatures, the Twovet provides a solution by offering a duvet for two, with one side thick and the other side thin. Partners do not have to be uncomfortable all night trying to compromise for one another. Instead, everyone can be comfortable. Here's what you need to know about the Twovet.

1. The Dimensions and the Thickness

When you climb in bed and underneath the Twovet, you'll notice that there's a thin side and a thick side for each partner. The thick side of the queen Twovet is 40 ounces, and the thin side is 20 ounces. The thick side of the king Twovet is 48 ounces, and the thin side is 24 ounces. Each partner can regulate his or her temperature and feel warm without fighting over the comforter.

2. The Benefits of the Twovet

The Twovet was handmade in the USA with eco-friendly materials. It's hypoallergenic and irritant-free. The cover is made of 100-percent cotton that's luxurious and machine washable.

The baffle box construction is durable and preferred by many bedding experts. It eliminates shifting that often accompanies this type of construction. The vertical fabric adds the loft necessary to prevent shifting. The superior craftsmanship is evident in the sewing that penetrates the boxes to ensure that the fill remains even throughout the comforter square.

Warmth is provided throughout the comforter for sleepers with different temperatures. Since 23 percent of married couples in the United States sleep in different beds because of temperature and other comfort issues, a solution is required. The Twovet is just one solution for couples who want to resume sleeping in the same bed together without being uncomfortable about the temperature.

For what's offered to it's customers, it is affordable. The Twovet starts at $279 and is made of quality materials. Many people are not aware of the benefits of the Twovet, but with new exposure, more people will recognize how beneficial this comforter can truly be.

3. How to Care for the Twovet

A front loading commercial washer and dryer is recommended for the Twovet. Place the washer on cold and gentle cycle. After the wash cycle is over, you should tumble dry on a low temperature. It is not recommended that you iron, steam, dry clean, or bleach the Twovet.

Sleep Better with Twovet

You can resume sleeping with your partner even if your temperatures are different. Try sleeping with the Twovet. If your partner likes lots of blankets and you prefer none, you can sleep better with Twovet because each side caters to each partner's needs.

Have you tried the Twovet? How did you sleep?

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