Add a Touch of Romance to Your Bedroom

January 31, 2014

The ambiance of a bedroom has the power to heat up a couple's romance. Choosing themes and color palettes that speak specifically to the unique synergy of the couple can strengthen the foundation of a relationship. Couples that makes sound decor choices about the space where they sleep are making good investments in the futures of their relationships.

Choose the Right Bed

The entire theme and mood of a bedroom usually centers around the bed. Once partners agree on the type of bed they will share, the rest of the decor in the room magically falls into place. For example, couples who choose dramatic bed frames like canopy or poster beds are begging for more ornate accents. Thick drapes with striking panel rods, Victorian tassel tiebacks, and heavy silver or gold picture frames all have a proper place around king size plush beds.

Likewise, more understated beds are well matched with subtle decor. In a room where the bed is modest, the couple gets to always be the center of attention in the room. Bed linens should have colors and patterns that are arousing to both people in a relationship. It should never be a sanctuary to one person and uncomfortable for the other. Couples have to work together to find the right colors and motifs to satisfy both of their tastes.

Choose Accents That Appeal to the Senses

Everything about love is sensual. A bedroom should be sensual, too. It is important to remember that decor moves beyond just what is immediately visible after entering the room. A sense of smell is just as important as the color and design choices.

There are ways to control what your significant other smells right away. Reed diffusers, plug-in air fresheners, fragrant linen water, candles, carpet fresheners and incense reach the senses immediately. Every romantic bedroom should aim to use the senses in such a way that the people who dwell there can recall the colors and smells even when they are away from home. The most effective designs cater to the sense of hearing as well. Peaceful waterfalls or soft music help to keep the mood in a bedroom romantic.

Fill the Room with Your Love Story

Although many couples like to fill their bedrooms with photos of their children, pets and art, the best accessories they can place in this space are pictures of themselves. The bedroom space is sacred. It is the once place where neither partner should have to compete with the energy of others. Every memento, framed piece of art, and photograph should be directly connected to the love story of the couple. Family photos can be reserved for another space in the house.

Avoid Television

It is tempting to place a television in the bedroom as well. Watching prime time shows or movies in bed is a comfort and a luxury. Keeping a television out of the bedroom can also be romantic. It invites a couple to deal with one another when they are in the bedroom rather than escaping into fictional lives. To help keep the lines of communication open, couples could try keeping journals that they write in together or a decorative box of love notes. This ensures that the people who love in this room are always the main topic.

What special touches have you added to your bedroom in order to add a sense of romance?

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