Bedroom Motifs Sure to Please You Both

February 24, 2014

Sharing your life means never having to be alone, enjoying life’s ups and downs together, and building a future that’s perfect for you. It also means sharing your things and, more importantly, your space. Sometimes this can be a challenge, but here are some ways to design your space and make the transition to living with a partner easier:

Accent Walls

One of you loves color. The other one is just fine with white walls with no art to adorn them. What do you do? There’s a way to meet in the middle and that’s by creating an accent wall. An accent wall adds color to the room and gives it dimension without washing the space in full hue. Choose a wall that will have things propped in front of it like the TV stand or bedpost, and you will achieve a subtle hint of color without overwhelming the space. While you could leave the other three walls white, perhaps consider muting the contrast a bit and painting those walls eggshell or off-white.

The Twovet

This changes the game completely. How often do you argue over being too hot or too cold in bed? Many couples add extra blankets that shift over night and somehow end up partially covering the person who didn’t want them. In worst case scenarios, couples end up sleeping in different rooms because they just can’t get the temperature situation right. The Twovet changes all of that. The Twovet has a thick side for the one who is cold in bed and a thin side for the one who likes to be cooler. Constructed with a baffle box, which keeps the filling where it should be, there’s no chance of the person who wants less covers getting too hot. No more sweating or shivering for either of you.

His and Hers Closets

This has to be one of the biggest sticking points in relationships – space in the closet. Both people feel they don’t have space, even though one person typically dominates the area. Create boundaries by making a his and hers closet. This doesn’t assume that you have loads of space in the closet. Even if your closet is not a walk-in, you can designate space in this way. Add cubbies that hang on the back of the door, shoe racks and a hanger marker that separates the space. Having these spaces in place won’t make it seem like you are claiming your space – it will just make the argument over it cease to exist.

Give and Take

There will come a time when there won’t be a gadget to eliminate the problem, nor will any level of compromise appease you both. Sometimes you just have to give in. The trick is to make sure you share that responsibility. If one really wants a paisley border, and there is no way around it, that might be the time to acquiesce. The next time the other person really wants something, like a chair rail in the dinning room, the favor should be returned. This does more than just keep the peace; it shows a level of cooperation that is needed in a successful relationship.

Living together under one roof has its challenges, but there are ways to get through it. Compromise and the availability of unique products can help you avoid this landmine.

How have you compromised in designing your bedroom motif?

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Twovet Comforter Size Chart
   Width  Length  Fill (thin) Fill (thick)
   Queen  92" 88" 20 ounces 40 ounces
King 107" 92" 24 ounces 48 ounces