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Sleeping Trends Throughout History

Posted on January 02, 2014 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

Do you have a favorite way to sleep, or a favorite position? Given a third of our lives are spent sleeping, it's no surprise that there have been a variety of beliefs and practices regarding just how to sleep properly.

Sleepy Superstitions

Ancient civilizations compared sleep with death, often believing that the soul left the body while a person slept, sometimes with surprising local twists. Romanians thought that it was bad to sleep with your mouth open, as your soul would take the form of a mouse and run off; and if the mouse hadn't returned by sunrise, you would never wake. Most people today don't worry about losing their soul-mouse, but modern cultures aren't immune to superstition. A common belief in South Korea is the idea that leaving an electric fan running in a closed room while sleeping can cause death by asphyxiation or hypothermia, and this is held so-widely true that electric fans are sold with timers so they will shut off automatically after a given period of time, despite the lack of evidence of the phenomenon ever truly occurring.

Is Direction Important?

A belief with more plausibility is the possibility that the direction you sleep could matter. Indian tradition says that sleeping with your head to the east is best, and to avoid sleeping to the north. The British botanist and women's rights activist Marie Stopes thought that sleeping in a north-south direction - so as to be aligned with the Earth's magnetic field - was best. On a more practical note, most homes in the northern hemisphere will have windows facing the south for the best sunlight, and this means a north-facing sleeper will have the sun shining right into her eyes when waking, so it can't hurt to avoid it.

Segmented Sleeping

Historically most people did not sleep for an uninterrupted period throughout the night, but instead slept for four hours, woke and went back to bed one or two hours later. References to “first sleep” and “second sleep” are very common in writings before the 17th century. Only when lighting the streets and homes at night with candles, oil lamps and electricity came into common use did the modern eight-hour sleep period become common. Historian Roger Ekirch believes this two-period segmented sleep is the natural human pattern. Should you wake up in the middle of the night perhaps it's not insomnia after all, just your body telling you how you ought to be sleeping!


Many parents swear by the practice of sleeping with their babies. Many doctors today discourage this due to the risk of accidentally smothering an infant, but the evidence is not entirely against co-sleeping. Should you have a baby you wish to sleep with the best practice is to make sure the child sleeps on the mother's side of the bed, as her body will naturally adjust for the presence of the baby. She should also have the baby near her chest, not up at the head, to reduce the possibility of accidentally smothering the child with the bed covers or a pillow.

How do you prefer to sleep? Tell us below!

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11 Warning Signs Your Bedroom Needs a Makeover

Posted on December 21, 2013 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

A woman's bedroom is her little slice of heaven, but not when everything in it is as ugly as sin. When you spend most of your life outside of work in one confined space, that space better be your favorite place in the entire world. Unfortunately, you might not realize how unappealing your bedroom is until the following things smack you in the face:

1. You Wake Up Frowning

A lot of people wake up in the morning screaming in fear or with tears welling up in their eyes--after having a nightmare. When you wake up frowning for no good reason after sleeping like a baby for a solid eight or nine hours, you've finally seen the light. That is, the sunlight shining through your window revealing the dump that you just slept in.

2. Your Walls Are Bare

If your walls are blank, that can only mean one of several things: you're a hardcore minimalist, you just moved in and haven't had time to decorate, or you simply can't afford anything "extra" at the moment. All are dumb excuses for being a very boring person. Do you head to work wearing nothing but lipstick? That's right. Put something on those walls, anything at all.

3. You Trip Over Laundry When You Get Up in the Morning

Do you ever feel like Godzilla stepping over little islands to get to your feeding grounds? Well, you shouldn't. That simply means you live like a farm animal. Floors should be flat, so tidy up the place.

4. Something Smells Funny - And It's Not You

If you take showers daily, your bedroom should smell like peaches and bubblegum. When a quick whiff of the air reveals odors identifiable as a sweaty sports bra, remnants of a Big Mac or an Egyptian mummy, those things are probably in your room somewhere. It's time to clean up.

5. Your Decor Is So Outdated, You Think You're Time Traveling

Have you ever stepped into your bedroom door from the upstairs hallway thinking that you've just entered Mr. Rogers' neighborhood? If so, your taste is "vintage," to put it nicely. This is 2013. Clean, sleek and modern is in.

6. Guests Would Rather Stay at a Motel

Entertaining guests at home is a lot of fun for many women. Even on cocktail nights, do your girlfriends insist on going home even when they're hammered? If so, it's because you offered to let them sleep in your room.

7. You Can't Find Your Panties

Losing a g-string or two isn't a big deal considering your annual salary. You could always stop by the Vicky's Secret down the street for more intimates anytime. Here's another secret: those undergarments are in there somewhere, and you can't find them because the bedroom needs a makeover.

8. Your Kids Would Rather Play in Your Room

Do you notice that little Timmy always finds his way back to your room after you tuck him into his own bed? That's because your room reminds him of Pee-wee's Playhouse, and that's seriously disturbing.

9. You Use Random Objects as Furniture

Do you find yourself sitting on stacks of books, eating off of a poster board balancing on empty soda cans, or lounging around on a mountain of unwashed laundry? These are all signs that you need to buy real furniture for your bedroom. Stores like IKEA sell contemporary furniture at great prices, but you could get high-end furniture at posh boutiques as well. Just sit in a real chair next time.

10. There are Flowers Everywhere You Look, and the Wallpaper is Peeling

There are two things wrong with this picture: you still have wallpaper, and it has flowers on it. Trash that garage, and put your artistic side to work by giving the room a fresh coat of paint.

11. The Carpet is 10 Years Older than You Are

If your bedroom carpet is your senior, you have a few problems. First, you need to reevaluate your sense of style. Secondly, you may have some health issues. Finally, there is probably some unidentifiable creature living in it. Scrap the rug quickly before that thing eats you.

Were you able to identify with any of the above issues? What is the eyesore of your bedroom?

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7 Surefire Steps to Cure Insomnia

Posted on December 12, 2013 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

Insomnia is not normal. You should be getting anywhere from six to nine hours of sleep a night, depending on what feels best for you. Sleep is an important part of overall health. When people do not get enough sleep, mistakes are made and accidents happen. Follow these tips for beating insomnia and you can sleep like a baby again.


Stimulation is all around us, from artificial lights to 3D video games. Avoid watching television or working on the computer one or two hours before bed. Turn off as many lights as possible. Turn off the phone. Doing so will help both your body and mind relax enough to get drowsy and fall asleep.

Cool Down

For most people, it’s much easier to fall asleep in a colder room than a warmer one. Make the bedroom as cool as possible.

Make a Sanctuary for Sleep

Make your bed a sanctuary for sleep. Only do two things in a bed – sleep and sex. Do not read in bed or bring your laptop to bed. You want to program your subconscious mind that when you get into bed, one of two things will happen. And if you're not having sex, that leaves sleep.

Cut Back on Caffeine

Think you don’t consume that much caffeine? Think again! Caffeine appears not only in beverages, but in chocolate and some over-the-counter painkillers. Stop consuming any caffeinated products at least two hours before bedtime - the earlier the better. Try to cut back on consuming caffeinated drinks throughout the day so your body will not crave caffeine throughout the night.

Integrate White Noise

Outside noises can keep anyone from getting enough sleep. Mask these sounds with a fan, an air conditioner, white-noise machine or a radio set to static.

Keep a Schedule

It’s tempting to sleep all day long on the weekends or holidays. Don’t. Doing so will mess up your circadian rhythm, the inner clock in your body that tells it when to wake up and when to go to sleep. Strive to go to bed at the same time and wake up at the same time each day.

Ignore Sleep Myths

You’ve probably heard someone say that they will “make up for lost sleep” that night. This is a myth. Sleeping 10 hours one night after staying awake all night will not help your body. You need the same amount of sleep each night in order to get the full health benefits of sleep.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you follow all seven of these tips for three weeks and still have insomnia, it’s time to talk to your doctor. Ask, “Do I need medication?"
What's the craziest thing you've ever done trying to get some sleep?

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New Year, New Room: Redecorating Ideas for 2014

Posted on November 30, 2013 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

With the new year quickly approaching, there's no better time to redecorate your home for a clean slate that marks the beginning of a new season. It will allow you to showcase the most current trends in your home for a modern look that creates a more comfortable and contemporary space.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has returned as one of the top home-decorating trends that creates a vision within either a small bathroom or a spacious living room. Choose a print that is versatile for every season of the year that can even be used on just a single wall to avoid looking overwhelming.

2. Headboard

Adding a headboard to any bed will enhance the overall look and increase the quality of the room, while adding a focal point to the space. Choose a tufted headboard that has a shade that complements both the bedding and pillows used.
Wingback headboards are ideal for both king and California king beds for a spacious and dimensional look.

3. Vintage

Today, the modern home has both new and vintage pieces for an eclectic look that doesn't need to excessively match. Find unique items that have a bit of history, whether by going through the attic or shopping at a few flea markets.


Curtains can either add or detract from a room, making it important to upgrade the fabric and hang new shades that will set the style of the space. Opt for bold patterns or a bright shade that will pop and not easily blend in with surrounding walls.

Area Rug

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new flooring options, area rugs add instant aesthetic appeal to any room with a cozy way of adding a new textile to the decor. Area rugs can be used in children's rooms or in the living room, which will also add insulation.

Bathroom Mirrors

One of the newest trends of the coming year are framed bathroom mirrors that are decorative, yet still functional. They're also affordable and easy to install with plenty of options on the frame's style, whether chic or masculine.

Light Fixtures

Outdated light fixtures can stand out like a sore thumb and make it difficult for decor to look cozy and appealing. Install new fixtures that appear modern yet neutral in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Table lamps can also continue to be used, but with new light shades that have an abstract or bold print.


Use the furniture you already have to redecorate your home in an affordable and easy way to use fresh colors in each room. Sand the finish and paint from the surface before applying new coats of a contemporary shade. Crackle paint, which will make the surface look naturally vintage and antique, can also be applied.
A certain furniture item can also be painted in a bold shade to pop and stand out among the other home furnishings -- a popular way to add dimension to a room.
New hardware should also be installed onto drawers for an easy upgrade that will personalize the item to your taste and style.

What changes will you make in 2014? Tell us below!

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Second Anniversary? Time for Cotton Gifts

Posted on November 19, 2013 by Tim Doyle | 0 Comments

Marking the passage of each year of your marriage with an anniversary celebration is an important way for you and your loved one to press pause on the pressures of day-to-day life and have a little fun together. Traditionally, each anniversary year is represented by a type of gift, usually a material, precious metal or gemstone. If you choose to go the traditional route, you don’t have to wait for your golden anniversary to go luxe with your gift giving. The second anniversary is symbolized by cotton gifts, which can be fun, comfortable and indulgent. Here are some ideas for you and your honey on your “Cotton Anniversary.”

1. Invest in a luxurious set of cotton sheets and bed linens

Making your bed a haven is essential for a good night’s rest and has the added benefit of creating a place for you to snuggle longer. When you’re looking for sheets, don’t just gauge your decision on thread count. Consider whether the material is made from single- or double-ply threads. Double-ply material will generally have a thicker, heavier feeling and last longer. Most importantly, feel several types of cotton before you make a purchase. Breathability, weight and fiber will all play a role in your final decision.

2. Give a plush, cotton robe

When it comes time to venture out of your snug bed or a steaming shower, nothing feels better than curling up in a thick robe. A terry-cloth robe is a traditional bathrobe choice because the fabric is woven to help absorb water. But, they can be just as comfortable for lounging and come in a variety of colors and styles.

3. The kitchen is the heart of the home

There are no lack of quotes indicating that the kitchen, and the food you make in it, are significant when it comes to showing and giving love. Try gifting your loved one with a cotton apron for your second anniversary. If your husband loves to grill, find an apron that will accommodate the many grilling accessories that he’ll be carrying. If your wife loves to spend long days cooking, choose a print that illustrates her passion. Look for something that suits your spouse’s personality and get creative with complementary items to wrap up with the apron.

4. Go organic

If living a green lifestyle is important to you as a couple, choosing an organic anniversary gift is a perfect way to symbolize your commitment to each other and the environment. From sheets and towels to throw pillows, you’ll have a myriad of organic-cotton options from which to choose. In fact, this anniversary gift may be the start of making other lifestyle choices that are healthy and environmentally sound.

What did you get for your second anniversary?

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