New Year, New Room: Redecorating Ideas for 2014

November 30, 2013

With the new year quickly approaching, there's no better time to redecorate your home for a clean slate that marks the beginning of a new season. It will allow you to showcase the most current trends in your home for a modern look that creates a more comfortable and contemporary space.

1. Wallpaper

Wallpaper has returned as one of the top home-decorating trends that creates a vision within either a small bathroom or a spacious living room. Choose a print that is versatile for every season of the year that can even be used on just a single wall to avoid looking overwhelming.

2. Headboard

Adding a headboard to any bed will enhance the overall look and increase the quality of the room, while adding a focal point to the space. Choose a tufted headboard that has a shade that complements both the bedding and pillows used.
Wingback headboards are ideal for both king and California king beds for a spacious and dimensional look.

3. Vintage

Today, the modern home has both new and vintage pieces for an eclectic look that doesn't need to excessively match. Find unique items that have a bit of history, whether by going through the attic or shopping at a few flea markets.


Curtains can either add or detract from a room, making it important to upgrade the fabric and hang new shades that will set the style of the space. Opt for bold patterns or a bright shade that will pop and not easily blend in with surrounding walls.

Area Rug

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on new flooring options, area rugs add instant aesthetic appeal to any room with a cozy way of adding a new textile to the decor. Area rugs can be used in children's rooms or in the living room, which will also add insulation.

Bathroom Mirrors

One of the newest trends of the coming year are framed bathroom mirrors that are decorative, yet still functional. They're also affordable and easy to install with plenty of options on the frame's style, whether chic or masculine.

Light Fixtures

Outdated light fixtures can stand out like a sore thumb and make it difficult for decor to look cozy and appealing. Install new fixtures that appear modern yet neutral in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Table lamps can also continue to be used, but with new light shades that have an abstract or bold print.


Use the furniture you already have to redecorate your home in an affordable and easy way to use fresh colors in each room. Sand the finish and paint from the surface before applying new coats of a contemporary shade. Crackle paint, which will make the surface look naturally vintage and antique, can also be applied.
A certain furniture item can also be painted in a bold shade to pop and stand out among the other home furnishings -- a popular way to add dimension to a room.
New hardware should also be installed onto drawers for an easy upgrade that will personalize the item to your taste and style.

What changes will you make in 2014? Tell us below!

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