Sleep Better with the Twovet

January 14, 2014

Sleeping with a partner is not always easy, but with the Twovet sharing the same bed can be more comfortable. If partners have two different sleeping temperatures, the Twovet provides a solution by offering a duvet for two, with one side thick and the other side thin. Partners do not have to be uncomfortable all night trying to compromise for one another. Instead, everyone can be comfortable. Here's what you need to know about the Twovet.

1. The Dimensions and the Thickness

When you climb in bed and underneath the Twovet, you'll notice that there's a thin side and a thick side for each partner. The thick side of the queen Twovet is 40 ounces, and the thin side is 20 ounces. The thick side of the king Twovet is 48 ounces, and the thin side is 24 ounces. Each partner can regulate his or her temperature and feel warm without fighting over the comforter.

2. The Benefits of the Twovet

The Twovet was handmade in the USA with eco-friendly materials. It's hypoallergenic and irritant-free. The cover is made of 100-percent cotton that's luxurious and machine washable.

The baffle box construction is durable and preferred by many bedding experts. It eliminates shifting that often accompanies this type of construction. The vertical fabric adds the loft necessary to prevent shifting. The superior craftsmanship is evident in the sewing that penetrates the boxes to ensure that the fill remains even throughout the comforter square.

Warmth is provided throughout the comforter for sleepers with different temperatures. Since 23 percent of married couples in the United States sleep in different beds because of temperature and other comfort issues, a solution is required. The Twovet is just one solution for couples who want to resume sleeping in the same bed together without being uncomfortable about the temperature.

For what's offered to it's customers, it is affordable. The Twovet starts at $279 and is made of quality materials. Many people are not aware of the benefits of the Twovet, but with new exposure, more people will recognize how beneficial this comforter can truly be.

3. How to Care for the Twovet

A front loading commercial washer and dryer is recommended for the Twovet. Place the washer on cold and gentle cycle. After the wash cycle is over, you should tumble dry on a low temperature. It is not recommended that you iron, steam, dry clean, or bleach the Twovet.

Sleep Better with Twovet

You can resume sleeping with your partner even if your temperatures are different. Try sleeping with the Twovet. If your partner likes lots of blankets and you prefer none, you can sleep better with Twovet because each side caters to each partner's needs.

Have you tried the Twovet? How did you sleep?

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Twovet Comforter Size Chart
   Width  Length  Fill (thin) Fill (thick)
   Queen  92" 88" 20 ounces 40 ounces
King 107" 92" 24 ounces 48 ounces