"NO MORE NIGHT SWEATS = no more frizzy hair!"

- Jane R.

Cooling Pillow Cover

5.0 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Stay cooler, sleep longer. Guaranteed.

☑️ Uniquely designed to release heat

☑️ Gel material reduces night sweats

☑️ Sleep longer by staying cooler

☑️ Soft, durable shell protects pillows

100% jersey knitted cotton on one side. Night sweat reducing cooling gel technology on the other side. Includes 1 pillow cover.


"No more night sweats = no more frizzy hair! This pillow cover really helps.  You can feel the coolness when you lay your head down on it. - Jane (verified customer)

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  • What is the cooling pillow cover made of?

  • How many pillow covers do I get?

  • Does this cooling pillow cover have button closure of zipper closure?

  • Is the cooling pillow cover machine washable?

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