Snuggle Up With Your Sweetie Under the Twovet

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For the hard-working couple that puts in a full day at the office, it's always nice to come home and bundle up under the covers for the evening. How easily you relax and unwind is perhaps more important than how you work. Yet, too often, couples overlook this critical aspect of their health and well being. It's important to understand that comfort isn't just important, it's a must. If you are not comfortable in your own bed, it makes it very difficult to get a good night's sleep. The last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night because you are too hot or too cold. Using the wrong kind of comforter can often be at the heart of the problem for many couples.

The Twovet Helps Couples Relax

Imagine coming home and crawling under your elegantly constructed Twovet. Designed with couples in mind, there is a thicker side for the partner that has a tendency to need to stay warmer under the covers. Additionally, there is a thinner side for the partner who has a tendency to get too warm when all bundled up. This kind of temperature control can dramatically effect not only how easily you fall asleep, but it can also make the difference between staying asleep versus tossing and turning all night. Think of how nice it would be to actually be able to sleep without temperature changes making you uncomfortable.

Durable Construction

If you are trying to avoid the cheaply constructed, mass-produced comforters out there, then the Twovet is going to deliver on that front, as well. Instead of being just another quickly machine-constructed piece of bedding, the Twovet is hand crafted, with attention to precision and detail. Plus, the Twovet brand is manufactured right here in the United States, as opposed to being imported from outside the country, thus, helping to ensure that the product you are getting is both durable and of superb quality. It is one addition to your bedroom that should last for years to come.

Suitable For Those with Allergies and Respiratory Issues

How often have you bought a piece of bedding that makes you itch and sneeze? This can turn any relaxing evening into a complete nightmare for those who suffer with allergies and respiratory issues. The Twovet comforter is designed to not cause these types of irritations. Constructed from eco-friendly materials, the Twovet is both hypoallergenic and chemical free because your comforter should be designed with your health in mind, not to cause health problems.

Pleasing Look and Feel

Any piece of bedding you purchase should look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and feel nice and soft to the touch. The Twovet is both soft and elegant and will look great in your bedroom. The pure white Cotton Cambric exterior goes well with numerous bedroom themes, helping to ensure that your Twovet will add many nights of pleasurable comfort for both you and your partner, which you won't know how you lived without. Also, the Twovet makes the perfect gift for anybody who enjoys high-quality bedding that enhances the look and feel of bedroom decor.

When was the last time you treated you and your significant other to a comforter that improves how you relax in the bedroom?

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Choose the Best Comforter for Your Sleeping Style

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Choosing a reliable comforter can be a hassle. Each person has different needs for sleeping, and comforters are made in a variety of styles. There are many factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one. Temperature, texture and filling are important components of a quality comforter.


Most comforters are either made with linen or cotton. If sensitive skin is an issue, it may be better to go with cotton as it is softer and less abrasive. If durability is a concern, linen is the stronger fiber. While both are long-lasting, linen is more likely to keep up year-after-year with less rapid break down. It also weighs less than the cotton variety. Since linen is smoother in texture, it is more resistant to lint. If appearance is important, unlike linen, cotton is less likely to wrinkle.


Down comforters are soft and luxurious. Some comforters contain hypoallergenic down filling. Down alternative and mixtures are also available. For lighter weight, some comforters contain a mixture of down and polyester. Wool comforters are sustainable and environmentally-friendly since wool can be extracted without causing harm to the sheep. It is also resistant to fires. If a flame is brought in contact with wool, it will extinguish itself almost immediately--this could mean the difference between life and death in the event of a house fire.


Some people can only sleep in the perfect temperature conditions. If you are naturally a warm sleeper you need less to cover, and the opposite is true for cold sleepers. The size and thickness of a comforter determines how much heat will be retained when cold or how much cool air can be felt when hot. A comforter is rated with a fill power, which is a number used to designate its thickness. The typical range is anywhere from 525 to 700 fill power. The higher the number the fluffier the comforter, so for extra warmth aim for the higher fill power.

Versatility for Couples

Usually when a new bedspread is chosen, it affects the buyer and his or her partner. To be fair to both people, a comforter than can adapt to each person’s needs is the best option. The duvet for two, known as the Twovet™, is a comforter with a thick side and a thin side to suit both partners. The thick side is made for the person who needs more warmth while the thin side is for the person who likes to feel cooler. The Twovet™ is also more pleasing to the eye than separate blankets on a bed. It is hypoallergenic, filled with down alternative and lined with cotton to cover the previous areas of choice.

Staying healthy is useless without acquiring optimum sleep. Healthy sleep repairs the body and keeps it functional. When sleeping with a partner it may not be easy to get the best rest when both want different things from the bed covering. Many couples sleep in separate beds due to differences in sleeping habits. Could the Twovet™ be the solution to deep restful sleep for couples?

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