Snuggle Up With Your Sweetie Under the Twovet

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For the hard-working couple that puts in a full day at the office, it's always nice to come home and bundle up under the covers for the evening. How easily you relax and unwind is perhaps more important than how you work. Yet, too often, couples overlook this critical aspect of their health and well being. It's important to understand that comfort isn't just important, it's a must. If you are not comfortable in your own bed, it makes it very difficult to get a good night's sleep. The last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of the night because you are too hot or too cold. Using the wrong kind of comforter can often be at the heart of the problem for many couples.

The Twovet Helps Couples Relax

Imagine coming home and crawling under your elegantly constructed Twovet. Designed with couples in mind, there is a thicker side for the partner that has a tendency to need to stay warmer under the covers. Additionally, there is a thinner side for the partner who has a tendency to get too warm when all bundled up. This kind of temperature control can dramatically effect not only how easily you fall asleep, but it can also make the difference between staying asleep versus tossing and turning all night. Think of how nice it would be to actually be able to sleep without temperature changes making you uncomfortable.

Durable Construction

If you are trying to avoid the cheaply constructed, mass-produced comforters out there, then the Twovet is going to deliver on that front, as well. Instead of being just another quickly machine-constructed piece of bedding, the Twovet is hand crafted, with attention to precision and detail. Plus, the Twovet brand is manufactured right here in the United States, as opposed to being imported from outside the country, thus, helping to ensure that the product you are getting is both durable and of superb quality. It is one addition to your bedroom that should last for years to come.

Suitable For Those with Allergies and Respiratory Issues

How often have you bought a piece of bedding that makes you itch and sneeze? This can turn any relaxing evening into a complete nightmare for those who suffer with allergies and respiratory issues. The Twovet comforter is designed to not cause these types of irritations. Constructed from eco-friendly materials, the Twovet is both hypoallergenic and chemical free because your comforter should be designed with your health in mind, not to cause health problems.

Pleasing Look and Feel

Any piece of bedding you purchase should look aesthetically pleasing to the eye and feel nice and soft to the touch. The Twovet is both soft and elegant and will look great in your bedroom. The pure white Cotton Cambric exterior goes well with numerous bedroom themes, helping to ensure that your Twovet will add many nights of pleasurable comfort for both you and your partner, which you won't know how you lived without. Also, the Twovet makes the perfect gift for anybody who enjoys high-quality bedding that enhances the look and feel of bedroom decor.

When was the last time you treated you and your significant other to a comforter that improves how you relax in the bedroom?

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Start Winterizing Your Bedroom Now

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Do you dread winter? Is it too cold to sleep in your bedroom? Are the kids telling you they can’t sleep because of the cold? Are your winter bills too high? Many people winterize their homes, and yet they forget to winterize their bedrooms. The bedroom is one of the main rooms in the house that should be winterized. There are many things that can be done, including:

Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are not for everyone, but they are for a lot of people. These sheets give maximum comfort and warmth. Most flannel sheets are made of cotton, though there are some made from wool or synthetic cotton. The higher the thread count, the better quality the sheets.

Thicker Curtains

Curtains are a fairly inexpensive fix to drafty windows. Choosing thicker or thermal-lined curtains will help keep out the cold air out and trap the warm air. These curtains also help to keep the windows from frosting. Thermal curtains keep at least 85 percent of the light out when you want to sleep in.

Winter Windows

Taking out the screens in the bedroom windows and installing winter storm windows helps keep the drafty, cold air outside. This can help keep your winter costs down and keep the entire family warmer.

There are several things that you can do for the windows. You can hang up blankets or put plastic over the windows. You can also use bubble wrap. This fun bubble-popping plastic can be taped up over the windows and used as insulation.

Fluffy Rugs

Everyone wants beautiful hardwood floors, but if they are not heated, then they are cold in the winter. Getting thick, fluffy rugs to set by the beds and through high-traffic areas will help keep your family warm.

Comforters and Quilts

Comforters and quilts are always nice and cozy. These thick blankets have been a welcome addition to the winter bed. Some, such as the Twovet, are now made for couples that leave one side a little thicker than the other. So if you and your significant other can’t decide on a thick or thin comforter, you can now have both in one blanket.

Heated mattress pads are one of the great inventions of today. Heated blankets and mattress pads heat up the whole bed in just minutes, and keeps the bed warm from the top and the bottom. You can regulate the heat by turning off one or the other, or during those nights when you just can’t get warm, use them both.


Afghans are extra nice to keep available if you need a little extra warmth during the night, or when you are snuggled in bed watching television. Place them on the end of your bed for a little extra warmth on your feet, ready to pull up on a cold night.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are extremely nice to have in case the heater goes out or for a little extra heat in a drafty room. Some rooms don’t warm up the same as others, so these little heaters help to even that out. The newer space heaters are not dangerous like they used to be. Now they are cooler to the touch, and will shut off if tipped over.

Many people don’t realize there are so many things to do to winterize the bedrooms in your home. Not only will these changes help to keep the cold air out and warm air in, it will keep your heating costs down, keep everyone from being sick and keep the entire household warm.

What do you do to keep your bedroom warm in the winter?

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Choose the Best Comforter for Your Sleeping Style

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Choosing a reliable comforter can be a hassle. Each person has different needs for sleeping, and comforters are made in a variety of styles. There are many factors to consider to ensure you choose the right one. Temperature, texture and filling are important components of a quality comforter.


Most comforters are either made with linen or cotton. If sensitive skin is an issue, it may be better to go with cotton as it is softer and less abrasive. If durability is a concern, linen is the stronger fiber. While both are long-lasting, linen is more likely to keep up year-after-year with less rapid break down. It also weighs less than the cotton variety. Since linen is smoother in texture, it is more resistant to lint. If appearance is important, unlike linen, cotton is less likely to wrinkle.


Down comforters are soft and luxurious. Some comforters contain hypoallergenic down filling. Down alternative and mixtures are also available. For lighter weight, some comforters contain a mixture of down and polyester. Wool comforters are sustainable and environmentally-friendly since wool can be extracted without causing harm to the sheep. It is also resistant to fires. If a flame is brought in contact with wool, it will extinguish itself almost immediately--this could mean the difference between life and death in the event of a house fire.


Some people can only sleep in the perfect temperature conditions. If you are naturally a warm sleeper you need less to cover, and the opposite is true for cold sleepers. The size and thickness of a comforter determines how much heat will be retained when cold or how much cool air can be felt when hot. A comforter is rated with a fill power, which is a number used to designate its thickness. The typical range is anywhere from 525 to 700 fill power. The higher the number the fluffier the comforter, so for extra warmth aim for the higher fill power.

Versatility for Couples

Usually when a new bedspread is chosen, it affects the buyer and his or her partner. To be fair to both people, a comforter than can adapt to each person’s needs is the best option. The duvet for two, known as the Twovet™, is a comforter with a thick side and a thin side to suit both partners. The thick side is made for the person who needs more warmth while the thin side is for the person who likes to feel cooler. The Twovet™ is also more pleasing to the eye than separate blankets on a bed. It is hypoallergenic, filled with down alternative and lined with cotton to cover the previous areas of choice.

Staying healthy is useless without acquiring optimum sleep. Healthy sleep repairs the body and keeps it functional. When sleeping with a partner it may not be easy to get the best rest when both want different things from the bed covering. Many couples sleep in separate beds due to differences in sleeping habits. Could the Twovet™ be the solution to deep restful sleep for couples?

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7 Ways to Get More Sleep When Sharing a Bed

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There is much conflicting research on the quality of sleep involved in bed-sharing. According to some studies, it is detrimental not only to couples’ sleep cycles, but also their interaction and general health. Others assert that bed-sharing is key to lasting relationships. In any case, it is not unexpected for there to be at least a few hiccups for couples during the night. To lessen such disturbances, consider some of the following tips:

Match Sleep Schedules

Partners who match their sleep schedules are more likely to harmonize in entering and exiting deep and light sleep cycles. In other words, partners are more likely to dream, stay still during heavy sleep and wake up in the morning with one another. Synchronization is healthier for not only brain physiology and the body, but for the mental and emotional state of both partners. If it is difficult for partners to sleep at the same time, they should still go to bed together. Reading with a dim light or listening to music with headphones can entertain the restless partner until he or she is ready to sleep.

Choose an Appropriate Bed Size

Couples should seek a bed that can comfortably fit both persons and still have room for rolling around and kicking (for those who are particularly fidgety or feisty during the night). Ideally, the bed should be at least queen sized. It is recommended that couples shop and try out the mattress together before making a purchase.

Decrease Snoring

Nasal strips, sprays or orthopedic pillows can help diminish snoring by aiding breathing and realigning the neck and spine for more efficient airflow. If the noise is still disruptive, earplugs are a useful resource.

Snoring can also be a sign of a more serious sleep disorder such as sleep apnea. It is important to consult a doctor about the issue and be treated for the condition if it is present.

Balance Temperature

The recommended temperature for sleep is usually between 60 and 70 degrees. For those who find the room too hot, a fan by the bedside or fewer clothes are good options. For those finding it too cold, it is helpful to pile on more blankets, double-fold the sheets, invest in a heating pad or wear layers.


Keep Technology Out

The artificial light given off through television, cell phone, tablet or computer screens is detrimental to sleep patterns. It can “trick” the brain into staying wakeful by hindering the release of melatonin, an essentially sleep hormone. Both partners should leave these devices out of the room or stop using them at least half an hour before sleep. Reading or soothing music is beneficial to help ease the brain into drowsiness.

Make the Environment Comfortable

The bedroom should be dark, quiet and cool. Sleeping masks or earplugs are helpful should one partner prefer slight light or music during the night.

Mattresses, pillows and sheets are also vital to sleep quality. If a partner is constantly moving around during the night, it may indicate the need to invest in better sleeping materials.

Sleep Separately

Although this may seem a last resort, sleeping apart has genuinely helped many couples in their relationships. Partners no longer blame each other for sleeping problems or wake up irritable and bleary-eyed in the morning. As long as intimacy is maintained during the day, there is no net negative effect on the relationship.

There is always going to be some give-and-take in bed sharing, whether in bedtimes, temperature, personal space or lighting. Contemplate how important your sleep is to you. To what extent are you willing to compromise for your partner?

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15 'Must-Have' Products for Newlyweds

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When you find that special someone, it's easy to say "I do." The challenge follows the honeymoon when you are faced with the task of merging two households into one cozy abode. A few practical products can help you create your ideal home that incorporates both personalities.

1. Mattress

The right mattress is crucial to a good night's sleep. Select a mattress together to ensure the highest level of comfort for the both of you. Memory foam varieties are especially favorable for couples as they absorb movement.

2. Headboard

Your bed's headboard can act as a statement piece. As you begin your journey together, you can use this item to proclaim your style as a couple. Your headboard options are only limited by your imagination.

3. Comforter Set

A stylish comforter that complements your bedroom's decor adds a cohesive look to the space. From down varieties to wrinkle-free styles, your options are endless.

4. Sheet Set

Comfy sheets can take your bed to the next level. For your comfort, select bedding that best suits each season. For cooler temperatures, heavy fabrics such as flannel will keep you toasty through the winter. When warmer weather rolls in, consider thinner sheets made from a lightweight material such as jersey.

5. Pillows

Whether you prefer cushiony comfort or firm support, you can indulge in quality pillows that will have you counting sheep in no time. As for the suitcases, monogrammed His and Her designs would add charm to any room.

6. Laundry Hamper

While one or both of you may have a dorm-friendly laundry bag from your college days, you may want to invest in a more sophisticated and stylish locale for your laundry.

7. Closet Organizer

Regardless of your closet size, an organizer with assorted compartments and rods will make the most of your closet space.

8. Storage Furniture

As you consolidate two households, storage space becomes priceless. You can make your furniture pull double duty by choosing pieces with built-in storage such as ottomans and storage benches.

9. Pots and Pans

If you're starting out on a budget, dining at home can save money. For delicious meals, invest in quality cookware that will last many years.

10. Slow Cooker

For those busy days, a slow cooker can help you put dinner on the table even when time is short. From southern dishes to Italian cuisine, you can find slow cooker recipes to tickle both your taste buds.

11. Dishes Set

Coordinating dishes allow you to serve your meals in style. With countless options, you are sure to find a set that blends your personalities and complements the overall tone of your home.

12. Coffee Pot

A conversation over a cup of coffee is a tasty way to start your day together. A coffee maker can save you time and money by brewing at home and eliminating a trip to the cafe on your morning commute.

13. Cleaning Supplies

While not the most glamorous of products, cleaning materials are a necessity in any household. As you create your home, stock up on the essentials to keep it in tip top shape.

14. Tools

Whether you are homeowners or renters, a set of tools will come in handy. A simple collection of the basics will ensure you can complete minor repairs with ease.

15. Camera

Your new life together will be full of precious memories. You can document those unforgettable moments and preserve them for years to come with a decent camera.

What household items make your home a better place?

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