Can't Sleep? Get More ZZZs by Updating Your Bedroom Style

October 02, 2013

As the room where you begin and end your day, your bedroom not only influences how deeply you sleep through the night but also how you feel throughout the following day. When it comes to bedroom style, creating the right ambiance is just as important as choosing the right furnishings and bedding. Changing the look of your bedroom might be all that it takes for you and your partner to catch a few more Zs at night and awake invigorated, ready to face the day.

Establish a Restful Mood

Creating atmosphere in a bedroom is about defining how objects make you feel rather than judging them simply by how they look. Instead of choosing furnishings by pure aesthetics, pay attention to your emotional reactions to them, however subtle. Whether it's a deeply piled area rug, flowing draperies or a cushy comforter, any item that elicits a sigh of relaxation is definitely worth putting on your shopping list.

Choose a Soothing Color Palette

No design element has a greater influence over the mood of a space than color. Neutral color palettes that reflect the natural world are ideal for creating the soothing atmosphere necessary for a good night's sleep. Look to your favorite outdoor environment for inspiration. Some may prefer the watercolor shades of sand and sea for their color palette while others may find the deep greens and blues of a tree-lined lake in the mountains more relaxing.

Layer the Bedroom with Light

Nothing is more glaring and off-putting than a bedroom lit by a single, generic-looking ceiling fixture. A dimmer switch makes it easy to adjust illumination to fit any mood. Choose bedside lamps that allow you to enjoy some light reading in the evening, but make sure that the shades are positioned so that direct light doesn't hit your eyes. When retiring for the night, soft illumination from fixtures like recessed lighting helps create an atmosphere that's conducive to sound sleep.

Create a Simple and Balanced Design

As the largest and most important piece of furniture, it's natural to choose your bed as the primary focal point in the room. Pile the bed up with a duvet and pillows that invite relaxation, but prevent clutter from dominating other surfaces in the room. A sleek headboard helps balance the mass of the bed with a clean-lined accent.

If you can't banish sleep-time distractions like televisions, computers and smart phones from your bedroom completely, place them where they won't disrupt your slumber, preferably out of sight and out of mind. Create a space that promotes sound sleep, and your bedroom will reward you with a restful slumber that lets you take on the day in stride. What are your tips for creating a peaceful bedroom environment?

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