Start Winterizing Your Bedroom Now

September 26, 2013

Do you dread winter? Is it too cold to sleep in your bedroom? Are the kids telling you they can’t sleep because of the cold? Are your winter bills too high? Many people winterize their homes, and yet they forget to winterize their bedrooms. The bedroom is one of the main rooms in the house that should be winterized. There are many things that can be done, including:

Flannel Sheets

Flannel sheets are not for everyone, but they are for a lot of people. These sheets give maximum comfort and warmth. Most flannel sheets are made of cotton, though there are some made from wool or synthetic cotton. The higher the thread count, the better quality the sheets.

Thicker Curtains

Curtains are a fairly inexpensive fix to drafty windows. Choosing thicker or thermal-lined curtains will help keep out the cold air out and trap the warm air. These curtains also help to keep the windows from frosting. Thermal curtains keep at least 85 percent of the light out when you want to sleep in.

Winter Windows

Taking out the screens in the bedroom windows and installing winter storm windows helps keep the drafty, cold air outside. This can help keep your winter costs down and keep the entire family warmer.

There are several things that you can do for the windows. You can hang up blankets or put plastic over the windows. You can also use bubble wrap. This fun bubble-popping plastic can be taped up over the windows and used as insulation.

Fluffy Rugs

Everyone wants beautiful hardwood floors, but if they are not heated, then they are cold in the winter. Getting thick, fluffy rugs to set by the beds and through high-traffic areas will help keep your family warm.

Comforters and Quilts

Comforters and quilts are always nice and cozy. These thick blankets have been a welcome addition to the winter bed. Some, such as the Twovet, are now made for couples that leave one side a little thicker than the other. So if you and your significant other can’t decide on a thick or thin comforter, you can now have both in one blanket.

Heated mattress pads are one of the great inventions of today. Heated blankets and mattress pads heat up the whole bed in just minutes, and keeps the bed warm from the top and the bottom. You can regulate the heat by turning off one or the other, or during those nights when you just can’t get warm, use them both.


Afghans are extra nice to keep available if you need a little extra warmth during the night, or when you are snuggled in bed watching television. Place them on the end of your bed for a little extra warmth on your feet, ready to pull up on a cold night.

Space Heaters

Space heaters are extremely nice to have in case the heater goes out or for a little extra heat in a drafty room. Some rooms don’t warm up the same as others, so these little heaters help to even that out. The newer space heaters are not dangerous like they used to be. Now they are cooler to the touch, and will shut off if tipped over.

Many people don’t realize there are so many things to do to winterize the bedrooms in your home. Not only will these changes help to keep the cold air out and warm air in, it will keep your heating costs down, keep everyone from being sick and keep the entire household warm.

What do you do to keep your bedroom warm in the winter?

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