14 Do-It-Yourself Cotton Anniversary Gifts

August 29, 2013 1 Comment

Is your anniversary coming up? Do you want to make it special? Why not make something yourself. Nothing makes the heart beat faster than a little handmade gift. Following are 14 DIY gift ideas that you can make in order to add a little pizzazz to your celebration.

Cotton Hammock

What could be more romantic than a cotton hammock made by your very own hands, hung in your backyard where you and your other half can spend a lazy afternoon sipping juice? All you need is some pretty patterned cotton cloth, leather strapping, zip ties and a rope to tie it with. Make sure the hammock is hung tightly with the rope and enjoy bright sunny days and starry nights.


Does your spouse like to cook? Then you know how tired he gets slaving away in a kitchen, with so many other responsibilities, too. Make him smile by writing on a cotton apron with an inside joke or something sweet. Every time he wears the apron, slaving away won't be a fate too bad.

Decorative Pillow

Pillows are pretty much the easiest thing to make. Even novices, who have never sewed anything in their life, can get the hang of it within a few tries. Get some cotton, fabric paint and thread. Sew the pillow case according to the fluffiest pillow you have, and paint sweet sentiments on it. If nothing else, your soul mate is going to be blown away by the effort you made to make him happy.

Bow Tie

Make a cute bow tie for your man. Take some cotton, whatever pattern you prefer, and cute it in a rectangle. Cut a strip of the same cloth, and tie the strip in the middle of the rectangle to give it a perfect bow shape. Personalize the bow tie with something written on the back of it, so that whenever he wears it, it will remind him of you.


Quilts are something people use every day. Make a patterned quilt for your man and surprise him with it on your anniversary day. Wondering what patterns to use? What better than clothes that are redundant but have sentimental value. Cut pieces of these clothes and sew them together.

Braided Rug

What would be better than to welcome your man home after a grueling day with a gorgeous braided rug? Get your hands on some beautiful pieces of clothes that have sentimental value, cut narrow strips and braid them all together.

Bath Robe

Are you fond of sewing? Then this idea is perfect for you. Sew an amazing bathrobe for your husband and add something special to it to bring an even brighter smile to his face.

Decorated Shirt

Make your man some cute cotton shirts with different messages written on them, or embroidered. Go for an inside joke or something that only you and your husband would understand, and write it on his shirt. Gifts don’t get cuter than this.

Laptop Sleeve

Laptops have become a part of everyone’s lives. From home and work to even vacations, laptops go everywhere. What could be better than to surprise him with a monogrammed laptop sleeve that will remind him of you no matter where he is.

Journal Cover

Is your husband fond of writing? Then what are you waiting for? Make him a beautiful cotton journal cover.

Decorated Comforter

Do you have a beautiful Twovet comforter? Why not get creative with it? Sew some cotton cloth patterns on it or paint on it. Make sure it doesn’t ruin the fabric, nor comes out easily. Go ahead and surprise your husband with a beautiful comforter.

Tea Towel

Make a pretty cotton towel and decorate it. Start your lazy post-anniversary morning with a cup of tea and this gorgeous cotton towel.

Cotton Paper Crane

Bring out your husband’s inner child by presenting him with a handmade cotton paper crane. Hang it with a colorful ribbon and watch the love between you and your partner grow.

Cotton Flowers

Does your husband show a great deal of interest in keeping your home presentable? Is he into all things beautiful? Then make some beautiful cotton flowers and put them in a vase. Feel daring? Make a full bloom rose and welcome him home with it. His love will know no bounds after this.

With what homemade gifts have you surprised your significant other?

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May 20, 2014

How does one use cotton to fold a paper crane? I would love to do this, but have only ever used paper before.

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