12 Sleeping Tips For Couples With Different Bedtimes

August 06, 2013

Partners that have different sleeping patterns can find it exceedingly difficult to productively synchronize their relaxation routines. Fortunately, it is entirely possible for couples to peacefully coexist, and they can accomplish this without overtly compromising their own needs for rest. This guide demonstrates the simplest methods that couples can use to balance incongruent regimens with ease.

Invest in Separate Alarms

The most basic approach to sleeping at different times involves individual morning alarms. Preferably, both notifications would be integrated into the same device, but separate machines are equally functional. Each person should have their own sound selected. Ideally, it will be a noise that is personally stirring, but not capable of disturbing adjacent companions.

Buy Earplugs

Sudden sounds can be immensely disruptive for a partner that goes to bed early; however, they cannot always be avoided. Therefore, the best way to protect against unexpected loudness its to invest in disposable earplugs. These inexpensive products can be specialized based on comfort and decibel levels.

Make Coffee On a Timer

Spouses that go to sleep at different times usually wake up at different hours. In this case, a common courtesy that can be practiced is the preparation of coffee in advance. If one has to leave before the other wakes up, the coffee should be brewed on an electronic timer to prevent coldness.

Add Privacy To the Bedroom

If a quiet environment cannot be externally maintained, then it its advisable to install panels that provide barriers against acoustical resonances. This affordable solution can generate a silently enclosed sleeping environment, and it does not require regular auditory tepidity from the waking partner.

Construct an Accommodating Schedule

Truly important occasions should not be missed by either partner, especially because of diverging sleeping arrangements. All special events should be coordinated to fit into the sleep cycles of both people. A balanced schedule will eliminate any potential exhaustion.

Preemptively Plan Romance

Sleep should never dominate a relationship. Sometimes, intimacy can be difficult to keep aligned. To avoid lapses in romance, dates should be planned on a consistent basis; however, there are no substitutes for the sensuality of spontaneity. Surprises should be scheduled non-stop.

Create Alternate Spaces For Work and Storage

Rummaging in the dark can be seriously agitating for people that are still asleep. To avoid this interruption, any items that will be needed while the other person is sleeping should not be stored in the bedroom. Similarly, all business should be completed in an alternate location.

Use Calming Music

Mellow tunes can create a formidable buffer against noticeable activity during times when someone else is sleeping. Ambient music can create an impenetrably soothing atmosphere. The right melodies can dramatically improve sleep quality.

Grease Squeaky Hinges and Quietly Close Doors

Subtle details can make a significant impact. Taking care of minor annoyances will ensure that no one wakes up perturbed or groggy. By making doors extra quiet, partners can go a long way towards total accommodation.

Emphasize Overlapping Intervals

Couples should make sure to maximize the amount of sleep they are able to share. Whenever possible, physical affection should be shown during the hours that sleep schedules manage to overlap. This will stave off any sense of personal detachment.

Gently Tuck One Another Into Bed

It can be a truly sweet gesture for one partner to take breaks from their personal pursuits when their significant other wants to go to bed. This adds a tender finality to their day, and can entice the livelier individual into an earlier bed time.

Be Considerate

Every aforementioned rule can be condensed into adherence to respectful consideration. Show care, and it will be returned.

How do you accommodate your partner's sleep schedule?

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