15 'Must-Have' Products for Newlyweds

July 16, 2013

When you find that special someone, it's easy to say "I do." The challenge follows the honeymoon when you are faced with the task of merging two households into one cozy abode. A few practical products can help you create your ideal home that incorporates both personalities.

1. Mattress

The right mattress is crucial to a good night's sleep. Select a mattress together to ensure the highest level of comfort for the both of you. Memory foam varieties are especially favorable for couples as they absorb movement.

2. Headboard

Your bed's headboard can act as a statement piece. As you begin your journey together, you can use this item to proclaim your style as a couple. Your headboard options are only limited by your imagination.

3. Comforter Set

A stylish comforter that complements your bedroom's decor adds a cohesive look to the space. From down varieties to wrinkle-free styles, your options are endless.

4. Sheet Set

Comfy sheets can take your bed to the next level. For your comfort, select bedding that best suits each season. For cooler temperatures, heavy fabrics such as flannel will keep you toasty through the winter. When warmer weather rolls in, consider thinner sheets made from a lightweight material such as jersey.

5. Pillows

Whether you prefer cushiony comfort or firm support, you can indulge in quality pillows that will have you counting sheep in no time. As for the suitcases, monogrammed His and Her designs would add charm to any room.

6. Laundry Hamper

While one or both of you may have a dorm-friendly laundry bag from your college days, you may want to invest in a more sophisticated and stylish locale for your laundry.

7. Closet Organizer

Regardless of your closet size, an organizer with assorted compartments and rods will make the most of your closet space.

8. Storage Furniture

As you consolidate two households, storage space becomes priceless. You can make your furniture pull double duty by choosing pieces with built-in storage such as ottomans and storage benches.

9. Pots and Pans

If you're starting out on a budget, dining at home can save money. For delicious meals, invest in quality cookware that will last many years.

10. Slow Cooker

For those busy days, a slow cooker can help you put dinner on the table even when time is short. From southern dishes to Italian cuisine, you can find slow cooker recipes to tickle both your taste buds.

11. Dishes Set

Coordinating dishes allow you to serve your meals in style. With countless options, you are sure to find a set that blends your personalities and complements the overall tone of your home.

12. Coffee Pot

A conversation over a cup of coffee is a tasty way to start your day together. A coffee maker can save you time and money by brewing at home and eliminating a trip to the cafe on your morning commute.

13. Cleaning Supplies

While not the most glamorous of products, cleaning materials are a necessity in any household. As you create your home, stock up on the essentials to keep it in tip top shape.

14. Tools

Whether you are homeowners or renters, a set of tools will come in handy. A simple collection of the basics will ensure you can complete minor repairs with ease.

15. Camera

Your new life together will be full of precious memories. You can document those unforgettable moments and preserve them for years to come with a decent camera.

What household items make your home a better place?

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