8 Things to Consider Before Buying a Comforter

July 13, 2013

Nothing beats cuddling up in a cozy bed after a long day. The comforter you choose can make that experience more or less enjoyable. Some people like fluffy and soft. Others like light. Whatever your preference, you should find a comforter that is perfect for you. Before you buy a comforter, ask these eight questions:

1. Size

What size bed do you have, and what size comforter is right for you? If you have a thick mattress, you may be able to get away with, and may even prefer, a larger size.

2. Design

How does the comforter look with your room? No matter how pretty something is in the store, if it doesn’t match your room, and you are not willing to repaint, you are not going to be happy with it for very long.

3. Composition

What type of filling do you prefer? While down can be warm and cozy, allergy sufferers should beware. It also tends to need more care than non-down material. Polyester is a good choice for allergy sufferers. Cotton is also a favorite.

4. Comfort

How comfortable will this be? Buttons, ribbing, and ruffles can look very pretty, but if you are trying to cuddle up with them, you may like them a little less. Remember, beauty and functionality are important.

5. Thread Count

What thread count do I need? Higher thread counts provide a soft feel and are generally high quality. Also, if you chose down filling, higher thread counts do a better job of keeping the feathers in and keeping them from clumping over time.

6. Durability

How durable is the comforter? When it comes to purchases like this, the more you spend, the more durable it will likely be. There are plenty of low quality comforters out there sold at unbelievable prices. If you are shopping for a comforter and the deal seems way too good to be true, it probably is. Run! It is well worth spending the money rather than having a dingy comforter after the first wash.

7. Weight

What do I wear to sleep? Your sleeping habits are important to consider. Heavy down comforters for heavy pj wearers is not a good idea. You will end up suffocating. The same is true for a light comforter and a light pajama wearer. Also, the sleeping pattern of your partner is important. Maybe you like heavy covers, but your partner prefers light. You may like lots of blanket, but unless you want all the blankets piled up on you, it’s better to compromise.

8. Care Instructions

Is the comforter washing machine safe or dry clean only? Nothing is wrong with dry cleaning; it’s just not for some. If you don’t mind making the trip to get a clean comforter, go right ahead. If you know having to have something dry cleaned is not for you, pass.

Take your time in considering what comforter is right for you. You will find that comforters are not one size fits all. You can find true comfort in a comforter that fits your needs.

What's the most important factor to you when choosing a comforter?

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Twovet Comforter Size Chart
   Width  Length  Fill (thin) Fill (thick)
   Queen  92" 88" 20 ounces 40 ounces
King 107" 92" 24 ounces 48 ounces