Sharing a Bed Leads to Healthier Relationships

July 31, 2013

A variety of health and sleep benefits can be derived from sharing a bed with a loved one.

If life is better lived when you are happy, healthy and rested, then people in stable committed relationships must have the best lives of all. Science has connected a variety of factors, from lower risk of heart disease to positive psychological health, to sleeping with another person, specifically a life partner. So it seems, the key to ending sleepless nights may lie in sharing your bed.

However, before you go grabbing the next attractive person you meet and make him or her your bed partner, all in the name of sleep and health, keep in mind these helpful tips:

Casual Sleep Buddies Won't Cut the Bill

It's not just sharing your bed that makes for better sleep and health, it's sharing your bed with the same person regularly. People in long-term stable relationships are the sole beneficiaries of the rewards bed sharing can offer. Studies show persons in casual relationships do not experience the same results.

The Quality of Your Relationship Matters

Interestingly, men argue less when they have slept well, and women sleep better when they have argued less. Research has proven sleeping with a spouse, with whom you share a healthy long-term relationship, provides maximum health benefits. This may be linked to a physical response to reduced cytokines and an increase of oxytocin, caused by feelings of safety, love and satisfaction. The happier you are with your significant other the better you will rest.

Sex Makes You Feel More Rested

Sex is beneficial psychologically. In fact, when asked, many women responded they slept better on nights they had intercourse. However, a nifty device called an actigraph showed the opposite. So why did they believe they were more rested? According to behavioral endocrinologist Dr. John Dittami, women enjoy a male’s presence to the point that even when sleep was lost they still felt rested.

Accept Sleep Schedule Differences

Sleep schedule differences can negatively affect a relationship, especially if they are taken with the wrong attitude. Accepting your partner may need more or less sleep or that he or she may sleep better at night vs. during the day, even if it is in contrast to your own schedule, is a good rule of thumb. Try to enjoy the times your sleep schedules overlap.

Restful Sleep Is a Good Excuse to Go Shopping

The more comfortable your sleep area, the more it may relax you and help you sleep. Lumpy mattresses, scratchy sheets and flat pillows may not be the best aids to a good night’s rest. Consider revamping your rest area so that it is more conducive to sleep.

There is an old saying about "killing two birds with one stone." All the above tips make for good sleep, and, in a circular way, good relationships. So, if the way to a great relationship, healthy body and sound mind is finding a life partner, being happy with them, having sex and then relishing in a good cuddle on a satin bedspread, it seem you have stumbled into the right place. Well, at least we have the satin sheets covered.

How has bed-sharing improved your health, physically or mentally? Share your thoughts with us below!

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