8 Romantic Vacation Ideas for Couples

June 25, 2013

Perhaps what no one has said about re-kindling a romance is that the pile of kindling has always been there. However, outside influences such as work, family and stress can burn out the match before it can cause a blaze. Most couples don’t need to re-kindle the romance in their lives, so much as they need to get rid of distractions so they can tune in to each other again. Here's a list of places and activities that will help couples focus on each other instead of distractions.

1. Take off each weekend or every other weekend

Go to a place nearby with great hotels and walking or biking trails. Swim in someone else’s pool, or the ocean if it’s nearby. Enjoy a spa, explore the area in a helicopter or just walk in the country. Frequent breaks keep the stress at bay and enable a couple to keep focused on each other.

2. Go somewhere you’ve never been

Explore Ashville, North Carolina in the fall for its stunning foliage. Check out Williamsburg, Virginia in the spring and enjoy its simplicity. Visit the Colorado Rockies; go for a hike and visit the attractions. Something different usually causes a spark and couples can fan the spark into a flame.

3. Book a cruise

Nothing says romance more than the fine dining, dancing and activities aboard a cruise ship. See exciting ports or just hang out together in refreshing sea breezes and romantic nights under the stars.

4. Go where romance grew famous

Tour Yorkshire and Derbyshire England, where Jane Eyre first encountered, fell in love with, lost and then regained the mysterious and captivating Edward Rochester. See the farm at Top Withens, which is the site of Wuthering Heights. Walk the moors Jane and Cathy walked and feel the romance.

5. Keep your head in the clouds

In Costa Rica, Central America, lies Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, which offers guided walks through exquisite flora. Here’s the kicker: the tours may be taken both day and night. Foster some romance beneath starry skies and exotic foliage.

6. Enjoy dinner and a show on board a Colorado River Jet Boat in Moab, Utah

The boat leaves the dock at sunset after guests have dinner served beside the water. As the boat nears the turn-around place, the light show begins. The canyon is lit like a stadium at night, and there is a choreographed light show accompanied by music and the narration of the history of the canyon. Well, it isn’t quite candlelight and violins, but the show will leave couples in awe and feeling quite romantic.

7. Feel the rush

For an adrenaline rush reminiscent of the feeling when they first fell in love, white-water rafting on five rivers in five days will fit the bill. The rafting begins in Boise, Idaho and ends in Spokane, Washington. Couples will spend the night at lodges and inns along the way, for that touch of difference that will keep them focused on each other.

8. Enjoy some peaceful time together

For couples whose togetherness is defined by fishing, they might check out Alaska. The couple might camp overnight or make a stop at the off-the-beaten-path Bear Camp. The couple can be flown to the hottest fishing spots, where together they can remember what got them interested in each other. They will catch salmon, halibut, rainbow trout and char.

Which is your favorite romantic vacation idea? Have any of your own, leave a comment!

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