12 Relaxing Date Ideas

June 17, 2013

No matter what stage of your relationship, date night is crucial to staying connected, especially in our hectic society. Every relationship needs a relaxing date idea to keep the relationship healthy, happy and of course relaxed. Here are twelve relaxing date night ideas.

Have a picnic in the park.

It sounds like a cliche, but there is nothing more relaxing than unplugging and enjoying a picnic in the fresh air and sunshine.

Go ice skating.

If you don't have access to a frozen pond, visit a skating rink. Hold hands and enjoy hot cocoa after. If you are practiced skaters, try dancing together on the ice.

Get a couples massage.

What is more relaxing than a nice massage? Book a session for the two of you to unwind. If there isn't a spa in your area, light some candles, put on relaxing music, and give each other massages. Find instructions on technique in your local library or online.

Go exploring.

Pick a nearby town and play tourist. Visit an attraction, explore downtown, find a new favorite restaurant or antique shop. Small towns often have hidden gems to discover.

See a play.

Visit a community theater, or find a local college production of a play and escape reality for a while. Or, get tickets to the tour of a Broadway show.
Source: sxc.hu

Dinner and music.

Many restaurants and bars have local musicians performing live. Enjoy dinner and music and maybe discover a future star. Check your community pages in the paper to see who is playing where.
Source: sxc.hu

Take a drive.

Take a drive at sunset. Play your favorite relaxing music and enjoy the scenery. Discover a new area. Take this a step further and rent a convertible for the evening and cruise with the top down on a warm night. Stop for ice cream.

Go to a drive-in movie.

Pick up some takeout, and visit a drive in theater. Watch the latest blockbuster while reclining in your seats. Relive your teenage dating days.

Take a cooking class together.

Find a local cooking class and take a lesson. Learn a new dish or perfect an old favorite. Later, cook for each other. Eat your meal as an impromptu picnic in front of the fireplace.

Tour a winery.

Many wineries offer tours. Visit a local winery, see how the wines are made, and enjoy a tasting at the end. Don't forget to take home a bottle for later.

Go horseback riding.

Riding stables are fun for horseback riders of all skill levels. Take a guided tour or embrace your sense of adventure and strike out on your own. Don't forget to take pieces of apple or carrot to treat the horses at the end of the ride.

Enroll in dancing lessons.

Dancing is fun, sensual, and also great exercise. Learn some new dance moves to impress at your wedding or to surprise friends at the next party. Choose from ballroom, swing, or a spicy Latin dance.

Which relaxing date idea are you going to try?

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