We Asked, You Answered! 5 Ways the Twovet Will Help You As A Couple

May 21, 2013

Our latest giveaway for a queen size Twovet comforter has ended! We asked how the Twovet will help you as a couple and your enthusiastic responses poured in. Among hundreds of entries, we present you our favorites:

1. No more fighting over the covers or room temperature.

“No one turning the heat up and down, so no fights.” - Judy M.

“He is hot-blooded - he only likes the sheet - and I am going through menopause, so the Twovet would help us.” - Martha P.

“He likes to be covered, but not too hot. He says I steal all the covers, and sometimes we have restless nights as a result. This would help for better sleep and happier spouses.” - Lisa O.

“It would help combat night sweats. I want to be warm, she likes it to be cool - the Twovet will solve that problem.” - Richard B.

“I won’t be stealing the covers all night and having the husband following the covers so I end up getting nudged out to the edge of the bed.” - Danice K.

“He always steals the blankets - he says that I give them to him!!! Now we will both be comfortable, allowing us to cuddle.” - Janice

“He complains that I kick all the covers off in the summer, and steal them in the winter.” - Wendy P.

“I won't be throwing the comforter on him when I get a hot flash, then pulling it back from him when the hot flash is over!! I probably do that 4-5 times a night!!!” - Gert

“I have to sweat to make her comfortable under her two or three blankets. What a great idea this TWOVET is! There would be no more arguing over the number of blankets we need!” - Edward C.

“Maybe my husband won't keep putting the covers on me when I throw them off because I'm too hot and he thinks it’s cold.” - Michelle H.

“I'm normally warmer than my husband. So he uses two blankets while I'm throwing them off.” - Brittany S.

“We won’t have to fight with each other about who gives off the most body heat.” - Christine C.

“It would allow us to sleep together without fighting about how many blankets to put on the bed and who sleeps where!” - Gloria G.

“It will put a stop to the thermostat war.” - Beatrice S.

“He wraps up like a dang burrito in our luxurious duvet and then sweats all over it! Ugh. He doesn’t share well when he's cold/hot/sweaty. I don’t like to be hot, but I like the option of having covers if I need or want them. I would cross my fingers that the Twovet could keep us both happy enough that we could actually share a cover without me getting mad! :)” - Vanessa I.

no more fighting over covers or temperature

2. You get to sleep in the same bed, with the same comforter.

“We will be able to sleep in the same bed. Right now, being in separate beds is causing strain on our relationship.” - Amanda C.

“We will finally be able to be under the same blanket again, which will make us closer.” - Leah S.

“We haven't slept in the same bed for almost 3 years, because I make him too hot and he can't sleep. This would allow us to sleep in the same bed again and reconnect with each other as a couple.” - Lindsey C.

“The Twovet will allow us to act the part of a couple, and share a bed once again! :)” - Kelly S.

“We can eliminate the separate blankets and share a comforter - snuggling will be much easier!” - Anne C.

“I am always hot and my husband is always cold so hopefully this will allow us both to be comfortable and I can stop sleeping in the basement!” - Missy E.

“My spouse tends to kick off the covers while he's sleeping - and in turn kicks mine off as well. This would allow him to stay nice and cool, and keep me nice and warm!” - Ashley B.

“This comforter will be a life saver. My husband and I have to use separate blankets. It will be so nice to share a comforter with him again.” - Shelia R.

“We can sleep together again as a couple should - after 7 years.” - Clifford W.

“I'm tossing and turning, because I get the bad night sweats! So hubby sleeps down on the couch. I can’t have that. HELP!” - Leeann C.

“We are currently sleeping separate. I'm on the couch where it’s cooler and he is on the bed piled with blankets. He’s on kidney dialysis and needs the extra warmth. This would allow us to sleep in the same bed again.” - Jadeana C.

“We sleep with separate covers because my husband is hotter then me. It is so hard for me to curl up next to him with 2 layers of covers between us and since I have anemia I'm always cold.” - Michelle P.

“My husband and I currently sleep with two comforters - one for him and one for me. We could finally sleep with just the one! We have been figuring out ways to sleep in different beds, but what an expensive (and socially unaccepted) problem THAT has become! The Twovet would definitely solidify our marriage!” - Carolyn T.

sleep in same bed with same comforter

3. Well-rested = happier.

“We would feel rested in the mornings, after not having to fight with the blankets all night long.” - Charles K.

“When Mama is happy and rested the WHOLE family is HAPPY!” - Selina R.

“No more rustling with the comforter - I'll stay warm and he'll stay cool! We will get a good night’s sleep and no more grouchy mornings. We'll actually sleep a whole night together.” - Tina S.

“Better sleep makes me a happier wife.” - Alishia A.

“We can both get more rest and be more relaxed and easier to get along with the next day.” - Kathy G.

“We will both get better sleep at night, which will make us a better team throughout the day as we raise our children!” - Molly S.

“A happy wife makes a happy life!” - Michele M.

well rested equals happiness

4. It will bring you together as a couple.

“I am always freezing and my husband is hot. I have to sleep in jogging pants every night so I can stay warm. I would love to be able to sleep in something sexy for my husband without freezing all night.” - Adelia G.

“By using the Twovet, it will allow us to get some issues as a couple resolved.” - Patrick C.

“He sleeps with a sheet and I have five blankets. We'll be able to snuggle again. ^_^” - Aleese B.

“More comfy snuggle time without him being hot or me being cold or him with his legs sticking out trying to cool off :)” - Candi

“I like it cold. The wife - well not so much. The Twovet will keep us both snuggly!” - Billy B.

“I might be able to sleep with both feet in the bed..and not be half hanging out of bed to temp regulate. Would be nice to roll over to his side..or be able to meet in the middle.” - Kristine P.

“My husband and I hold hands all the time and I love it. We used to hold each other’s hands while we slept, but now he just gets way too hot. So he always sleeps with his arms up and I have to stay covered up because I get so cold. I would love to be have a Twovet - I think that maybe we would be able to hold hands while we sleep (so happy just thinking about it).” - Natasha B.

bring you together as a couple

5. General goodness & other

“The Twovet is not only good for couples with different warmth preferences, but singles could use it too - for different seasons, or times when they are too hot or too cool - by turning it!” - Kathie

“The best of both worlds. We would be able to switch sides also. This is an awesome idea!!” - Sharon F.

“It would bring harmony to the bed.” - Glenn D.

general goodness

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