8 Reasons To Buy The Twovet Right Now

April 15, 2013

A good night sleep is so important to having the ability to handle the everyday stresses life sends our way. A great night sleep makes a person feel like they can tackle and achieve anything. For many couples, getting a good night sleep can be a struggle because of personal temperature preferences. One person might always be cold and they may want the warmth of a heavyweight comforter. The other might always be hot and want as few covers as possible.

The answer for this dilemma is found in the Twovet comforter. Here are some of the best reasons why you need the Twovet comforter in your home now! It will quickly become the essential, go to piece in every home for the greatest experience in luxurious comfort.

1. Quality Materials

The Twovet comforter is hypoallergenic and materials used are free from any irritants. This is so important for allergy sufferers who have trouble using comforters made from down. It offers a great alternative that is better for the environment. The cover is a beautifully blended 100% Cotton Cambric material.

2. Baffle Box Construction

Thoughtful baffle box construction keeps the down alternative stuffing from shifting. This comforter keeps its shape and its amazingly unique temperature control properties.

3. Made in the USA

Every Twovet comforter is made by hand in the USA. This is great information to know for those concerned about where products come from. Know that your purchase is crafted to be better quality than comforters that are quickly produced using a mass production system.

4. Machine Washable

The high quality Twovet comforter is completely machine washable. No crazy, special care instructions that have to be followed to the letter. It washes easily, dries easily and comes out perfectly laundered every time.

5. Share the Bed Again

The comfortable Twovet eliminates the need to sleep in separate beds. In fact, nearly a quarter of all married couples in the United States alone sleep in separate beds today because of comfort and temperature issues. The Twovet solves this problem, allowing couples to feel closer than ever before.

Each person is an individual and now they can express that individuality even as they sleep. Perfect for the couple's dynamic where one person is always hot and the other is always cold.

Helps create the best night sleep with the perfect temperature environment. Wake up feeling like you can do anything, because you can!

6. Fits Your Life

The Twovet comforter is so amazingly versatile that it can change along with the different stages of a person's life. Women can experience totally natural but disturbing hormonal fluctuations throughout their lives. Whether these variances happen during the time of expecting a child or they are hormonal menopause changes in the middle of life, at one time a woman may feel cold and need extra covering at night to be comfortable. At other times, she will want as few covers as possible.

Simply turn the comforter around at these times and you have an effective, eco-friendly and cost-effective solution to your nighttime temperature worries. Even men can experience fluctuations that affect their body's ability to cool and warm itself. Men don't normally have this issue to the extent that women do, but it is there and it can be just as troubling. The best solution to keep both partners at the perfect, right temperature at night for blissful comfort is the Twovet comforter. Find more information on the product page, you'll be so glad you did.

7. Eco-friendly

Know that you are helping the environment by purchasing this specially constructed, durable, functional, exceptional quality, hand-made comforter. Eco-friendly materials used in its construction, combined with hypoallergenic properties create an easy to use, perfect solution. The Twovet works for allergy sufferers who cannot use down comforters without experiencing unpleasant side effects.

8. The Perfect Gift

The Twovet comforter is the perfect gift for an upcoming cotton anniversary, wedding, housewarming or for any couple you know who would love to experience the best night sleep possible. Give your favorite couple the perfect gift of nighttime comfort. Then, watch them shine during the day with renewed, more everlasting youthful energy and spirit.

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Twovet Comforter Size Chart
   Width  Length  Fill (thin) Fill (thick)
   Queen  92" 88" 20 ounces 40 ounces
King 107" 92" 24 ounces 48 ounces