7 Ideas For Table Centerpieces

April 10, 2013

Table centerpieces often bring up a vision of a bouquet of flowers or a bowl of fruits but there are many other creative ways to make a centerpiece. From seasonal to everyday beauty, don't get trapped in the traditional mindset. Let your imagination flow! Start with these ideas, then let yourself create something that is unique to your table or to your event:

1. "Ice Pond"

An "ice pond" made with a mirror. Put the mirror on a platter or piece of cardboard and cover the edges with either cotton balls or torn marshmallows. Add sprigs of real greenery in the form of twigs or evergreen tips. Small figurines and dollhouse benches can complete a winter scene for a fascinating centerpiece.

2. Baby Shoes

Shoes? Yes, but not the ones you wore yesterday! New baby shoes make appropriate containers for baby's breath or other small floral arrangements. This is perfect for a baby shower or whenever a new baby arrives.

3. Gumdrops

Gumdrops are ultimate building blocks. Make houses, trees or designs with them. Hold them together with toothpicks or use them to build like bricks. A little water will help them stick together. Christmas is a great time to use a centerpiece made with these. Think "Christmas tree."

4. Mini Wedding Cakes

Wedding reception table centerpieces can be miniature wedding cakes. Make them in muffin tins and use white frosting with white or silver decorations. Put them on paper doilies for display.

5. Candles

Graduation? The graduation year is a basic for a themed centerpiece. Make a "road" of brown or tan frosting on a piece of cardboard or platter, surround it with green frosting, then stand numerous small candles along it. Use larger candles denoting the year in the center of the road. You can decorate a cake this way and use that as a centerpiece, too.
Source: etsy.com

6. Twigs

On a spring day, nothing comes close to nature. Even if the flowers aren't open, bring spring in with twigs ready to burst open and display them in a glass vase. Surround the bottom of the vase with anything green you can find.

7. Pumpkin

In the fall, cut a pumpkin open, scoop out the seeds and fill it with colorful leaves and perhaps some fall flowers. If you're short on leaves, cut them from colored paper.
Let the season or the event inspire you to try new things to decorate a table. Don't get stuck displaying the same old thing all the time!

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