Are Women Colder Than Men? 5 Body Temperature Facts Revealed!

March 28, 2013

The old jokes concerning women's cold hands and feet have some basis in fact. Women and men produce hormones differently, eat differently, take different health supplements and even consider sleep differently. All this in addition to a few more facts affects how the hormones regulate things like body temperature, mood swings and body weight. The body can't produce hormones without certain vitamins, minerals, fats and cholesterol. How men and women supply these building blocks for hormones affect how the hormones operate.

1. How Do Hormones Affect Body Heat?

Hormones are part of the endocrine system. They are produced in cell walls. Hormones are created by the foods we eat from certain fats, vitamins and minerals. Hormones related to body heat are regulated by the thyroid gland. Thyroxin is the hormone secreted there. It deals with the metabolic rate of cells. Metabolism is how the cells generate heat and energy. Once created in the cell walls, the hormone is then sent to the regulatory gland to be assigned to a spot in the body to work. When metabolism is sped up during great hormone movement, the body is warm, active and alert. However, when metabolism lags, the body is sluggish, fatigued and cold.


2. How Does Food Affect Body Heat?

Food supplies the cells with the proteins they need to manufacture hormones. When foods are grown using growth hormones to make the foods bigger and better, those hormones play havoc within the body. The cells can't make hormones out of synthesized material. Therefore, natural or organic foods provide the body with the pure material needed to build hormones. Additionally, monounsaturated and saturated fats are to be found in the body naturally. It needs these fats to maintain balance. Hormones can't be created if polyunsaturated fats are used. Consuming real butter, olive oil, coconut oil and Omega-3 fats like fish will provide the cells with material with which to build hormones, thereby keeping the body warm.


3. How Toxins Affect Body Heat

Chemicals appear not only in foods, but in clothing, bedding, cosmetics, hair dye and household cleaners. These chemicals are absorbed through the skin, then alter the cells and hormones in the body. These altered hormones affect everything from asthma to skin rashes. They cause joint pain, sleeplessness, irregular heartbeat, chest congestion, fatigue and cold. The remedy is to buy natural clothing, organic bedding, cosmetics, natural household cleaners, and natural wood furniture. Don't use plastics in the microwave, as they have been treated with chemicals to keep them useful. Use glass or ceramic plates and bowls in the microwave. This will keep foods pure for the production of hormones.


4. Sleep and Body Heat

A 1999 University of Chicago study found that sleep deprivation in young adults decreased the body's ability to process blood glucose and secrete hormones. The subjects were allowed to sleep a full eight hours, then were reduced to four hours following which they were allowed twelve full hours in bed. The body deprived of sleep mimicked that of a diabetic in its inability to process carbohydrates. Sleep is necessary for the production of hormone which regulates body heat as well as balance the entire body.


5. Supplements and Body Heat

Supplements are plant based and natural. They keep balance between hormone and regulatory glands. Chaste Tree Berry, for example, helps balance the hypothalamus and pituitary gland. In studies Rhodiola has been found to improve thyroid function. Gugulipid has also been found to improve thyroid function. Dong Quai is also used to balance hormones.


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