The Maid of Honor's Guide to a Wedding Registry

March 20, 2013

Every couple needs a few standard basics as they begin their lives together on their special day. As the maid of honor, you can help the bride and groom prioritize what they should ask for when using a wedding registry. This will help the wedding guests take the guess work out of shopping once they see what the bride and groom have registered for. Here are ten basic suggestions to help you decide what and what not to include on the wedding registry.

1. Formal Plate Settings and Silverware

Register for a formal plate and silverware setting so that when guests visit the happy couple they have more formal dinnerware. These can be in addition to an everyday set of plates and silverware or used to replace mismatched and damaged settings from over the years. Formal place settings are also great to have for holidays and to celebrate milestones.

2. Kitchen and Dining Linens

After registering for a set of dinnerware, consider also registering for a complimentary set of kitchen and dining linens to match. Consider items made with organic materials to ensure that they are high quality and will last throughout the years.

3. Home Organization

If the bride and groom are moving in together for the first time, you will soon quickly realize how much stuff two people can bring together. Adding organizational storage to the registry will allow the newly weds to store their now shared belongings. Large zip bags and tubs are great for storing clothing or extra bedding items. Consider magnet strips to organize the knives and cutlery or create a spice rack. Clear glass jars are great for storing pantry items such as pasta and baking supplies while glass baking dishes with lids are perfect for putting away leftovers in the fridge without the worry of contamination from plastics. 

4. Cleaning Supplies

Life occasionally brings messes along the way. Add cleaning appliances such as vacuums or home air filters to keep things spic and span. If friends and family are really close, ask them to collaborate their funds to help the bride and groom afford more expensive higher quality items. 

5. Plush Bath Linens

Pick out extra plush bath linens such as towels, robes and floor mats to add to the registry. These items will add a bit of everyday luxury to the couple's daily lives. Look for items made from organic fair trade cotton that use all natural dyes. Not only will they last longer but they will be environmentally friendly. 

6. Bedding

Rather than continue to sleep in the same scratchy blankets or worn out quilts that have been around sine college, ask the wedding guests to help purchase high quality bedding for the master bedroom suite. Look for bedding items made from organic materials or things that contain a high thread count. This will turn the bedroom into an oasis of luxury.

7. Home Entertainment

Upgrade the home theater set up with help from the wedding registry. If the couple already owns an HDTV, consider adding a sound bar to the wish list to instantly upgrade to theater quality sound. If they already have a sweet setup, asking for gift cards to make future movie purchases, or gift subscriptions to online streaming sites would be a nice gesture. 

8. Honeymoon Fund

If vacationing is more of the couple's style, suggesting that the guests help contribute to the honeymoon fund is a terrific idea. This will allow the newly weds to splurge more on their trip and they get to enjoy the places and amenities without their pockets taking a huge hit. 

9. Large Ticket Purchases

If their goal is to purchase something large as a new couple, such as a new car or first house, asking the guests to contribute directly to a down payment will help the couple reach their goal. Sharing the progress by building a webpage that tracks the wedding party's contributions towards the overall goal will allow the guests to feel more involved.

10. Charitable Donations

For the couple that already has everything and doesn't need anything more, make a registry of their favorite charities and asks the guests to make an honorable contribution in the couple's name. Making a list of their favorite non-profit organizations is truly the gift that keeps on giving, as the money will go on to help those in need.

Remember, the gifts given at the wedding will be in the bride and groom's lives forever. Helping them prioritize their wedding registry and giving them advice is one of the most important roles for the made of honor. 

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