The 17 Easiest Romantic Bedroom Decorating Ideas Ever

March 14, 2013

In a perfect world every couple's bedroom retreat exudes loveliness, reflects romanticism and offers an escape from the distractions of a busy day. What is the key to achieving a luminous layout where "robustly HIS" and "radiantly HERS" are achieved, wedded and committed to live happily ever after?

1. Have Storage

Establishing storage solutions in other areas of your home will de-clutter your bedroom space allowing you to get in a romantic mood without worrying about a mess.

2. Have Good Quality Linens

Put priority on quality linens, towels and bedding that will tantalize the touch! Don't forget to toss your spouse's towel into the dryer while they are showering so it's a warm welcome when they are ready to wrap up.

3. Stock up on Candles

"Scentsational" – nothing causes the senses to simmer quite like fragrance. Candles are a great way to energize your sweetheart's sense of smell and reed diffusers work well too.

4. Have Stylish Furniture

Furnishings must matter whether the budget is small or large – make sure that there is a comfortable bed, a stylish dresser and a welcoming place to sit.

5. Make Your Bed the Centerpiece

The bed is a category all its own! This must be priority as it will be the centerpiece of the room…need we say more?

6. Romantic Music

Music will help to modify the tone and feel of a space. Whether sultry or still and calming the sound should suit your desired mood.

7. No Kids Allowed

Make sure there are rules regarding privacy – children should ALWAYS knock before entering. Nothing will douse a fire or burn out the flame of romance like interruption.

8. Pick Colors Carefully

Color can create calm or disrupt it so carefully consider choosing paint colors that cultivate the serenity you are trying to achieve.

9. Make Food Fun

Food is fun in the bedroom – imagine how surprised your spouse will be to come home and find a picnic set up on the floor!

10. Surprise Breakfast in Bed

Breakfast in bed – invest in a nice tray and don't forget the newspaper and a fresh bloom or two!

11. Photo Decor

Consider adding cohesiveness by making framed photos all sepia or black and white. Black and white photos always add a classy and romantic feel to any room!

12. Romantic Lighting

Lighting can change a room from icy to inviting so if the suite does not already boast a dimmer switch consider installing one or utilize candle light instead.

13. Lay Out Rose Petals

Rose petals are a great way to spell romance. Check with your local florist –they may have petal scraps that you can get at a discount.

14. Keep the TV in the Family Room

Remove the TV – does this even need explanation?

15. Have an Organized Closet

Closet space should be uncluttered and organized. This will keep the frustration of getting ready for the day minimized.

16. Keep Each Other in Mind

Anticipate the needs of your sweetheart – apply the toothpaste to their toothbrush and have it ready so that it's one less thing they will need to do during the morning rush

17. Make the Bedroom a Priority

The key to unveiling a newfound, unified and serenely romantic space is the decision to make it a priority.

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