17 Green Interior Decorating Blogs To Know

February 27, 2013

There are a lot of ideas on how to decorate your home using good design while remaining eco-friendly in the blogosphere. Here are 17 of the best blogs for advice on decorating with the environment in mind.

1. Inhabitat

Inhabitat is a popular site that offers a range of inspiration and ideas for green living. Along with decorating, the site also covers technology, innovations, and architecture. Not only can you learn about green living but Inhabitat offers green products on their site. 

2. Green Your Decor

Written by a mom and green expert blogger, Green Your Décor is a DIY site on sustainable decorating and living. It is obvious why this blog boosts over 1,000 followers with many down-to-earth ideas on fashion, design, thrifting and projects.

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3. PURE Inspired Design

Pure Inspired Design is a blog created by a designer who is environmentally conscious and recognizes small budget design. She focuses on sustainable furniture and upholstery in her designs.

4. Condo Blues

Condo Blues is a quirky website offering inspiration in green living, crafts and design. She has hundreds of DIY posts and a recent one on what to do with all of your orange peels.

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5. Somace

So’Mace is a blog inspired by Pacific design and décor. They offer inspiration ideas for green design from around the world that is reflected in the items available in their shop. 

6. The Alternative Consumer

The Alternative Consumer is a blog dedicated to consumers who want to purchase environmentally friendly products for the home that are unique and stylish. The site also provides sections on fashion, health and beauty, technology, green news, food, energy, and pets.

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7. Design Green

Design Green is a blog by the magazine Interior Design. It offers interesting articles on decorating, accessories, furniture, and innovative, green, home design for the environmentally friendly reader.

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8. Design Sprout

Design Sprout is dedicated to decorating with the environment in mind. Many of the posts focus on design that incorporates upcycled projects, green products, and innovations. 

9. Metro Hippie

Metro Hippie offers more than just design by focusing on environmentally conscious living in the city. From rooftop gardens, to style, initiatives, transit, and projects, Metro Hippie covers a gamut of topics related to an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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10. EcoLuxe Studios

Ecoluxe Studio dedicates their posts to interior design that is sustainable and fresh. Posts are forward thinking in design and offer a look at patterns, colors and inspiration pieces that are up and coming, while keeping individual tastes in mind. 

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11. Nina's Apartment

Nina’s Apartment provides a look into vintage, handmade, and upcycled living with cottage flair. She encourages eco-friendly living through décor that resists the urge to buy new products.

12. Concord Green

Concord Green is a conglomeration of ideas for the home that are healthy and environmentally friendly. The blog features stories on classic design using green products, indoor plants, and strategically using rooms with the environment and healthy living in mind.

13. Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy is known for its design, but it also offers a separate blog, called ReNest, for people interested in green living and design. Posts feature décor products that are green, vintage, or upcycled.

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14. Pure Green Magazine

Pure Green Magazine’s blog is full of inspiration ideas and projects for the home but also includes features on books, travel, fashion, food, and small businesses focused on green living.

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15. The Design Confidential

Design Confidential offers a lot of categories and multiple authors writing about inspiration and ideas on green home living. You can find anything from DIY projects to design to outdoor living.

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16. Vintage Revivals

Vintage Revivals is a popular blog that spotlights DIY projects. The author provides instructions on upcycling used items and decorating the home with low cost and recycled products.

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17. Little Green Notebook

Little Green Notebook is an interior decorating blog, but many of the posts feature green decorating and upcycled décor.

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