7 Reasons Down Alternative Comforters Are The Best Choice

March 06, 2013

There is nothing like curling up underneath a soft, warm comforter after a long, cold day. Down comforters have been popular for many years because they are warm and durable without being too heavy. Unfortunately, down comforters have their share of drawbacks. Modern down alternative comforters have succeeded in capturing the key advantages of down comforters without the major disadvantages.

1. The Classic Down Comforter

Down is the insulating undercoat of birds. It is warm, lightweight, and breathes well, which is why down makes a wonderful bedding material. Many consumers with allergies cannot use products containing down, though. The down itself can be an allergen, and the dust mites that often dwell in the material can also cause problems. Most down alternative comforters are hypoallergenic; they are crafted from natural or synthetic materials that are far less likely to irritate users' systems. A major plus to the down alternative, dust mites do not find the filler in down alternative comforters appealing.

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2. Fire? Not a Problem

Down alternative comforters can also be a safer bedding option. Most of the materials used to create down alternative comforters are fire resistant; they will burn slower, giving consumers more time to move out from under the product and extinguish the flames.

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3. Price!

One of the most obviously differences between down comforters and down alternative comforters is the price. Down has to be collected from birds, so it is more difficult and expensive to produce in large amounts. Most down alternative comforters use little to no material from animals, so they are cheaper and easier to make.

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4. The Clean Factor

Down alternative comforters are generally much easier to clean than down comforters. Most down comforters need to be taken to a dry cleaner when they get dirty; many down alternative comforters can be washed at home using a standard washing machine and regular detergent.

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5. Down Feathers

People are always complaining about being scratched or poked by their down comforters. Down feathers are not as tough as regular feathers, but they will still scratch and poke users if they protrude from the comforter. Although more expensive down comforters are less likely to leak, it will still happen eventually. Down alternative fillers do not possess the tiny quills that down feathers have, so these alternate fillers will not be able to poke you in the middle of the night.

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6. No Harm to Animals!

Are you an advocate for PETA, vegan, or just plain against animal products? Well then the answer to keep you warm at night is the down alternative comforter. Vegan shoppers should always check labels, though, because some down alternative comforters may contain wool or similar materials.

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7. Weather Isn't A Problem

Down has a tendency to absorb moisture, so this material is not ideal for use when the air is particularly humid. Conversely, the filler in down alternative comforters is not especially absorbent. This means that a down alternative comforter will perform consistently in any environment or season.

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If you're wondering where you can find a few stylish alternative down comforters, we'd like to think our selection is pretty nice.

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