11 Adorable Ways To Announce Your Engagement

March 07, 2013

Engagements are a time for celebration. Why not let people know that you're getting married in a fun and creative way? The ideas below may help a couple send out the message in a cute and unforgettable fashion.

1. Tell A Child

Tell the child who just can't keep a secret. Once the child learns about the engagement, they can blurt out the good news to friends and family before you have the chance to. It's a fun way to get everyone involved!

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2. Create a Wedding Website

For that tech savvy couple, create a website that announces your engagement. You can keep adding to it for your wedding (create gift registry links, hotel options, and directions to name a few). Once the website is ready, email the website out and wait for the congratulations to come pouring in.

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3. Create a Video

A video is a fun and creative way to announce your engagement, plus you might even become "Internet famous" like some couples on YouTube! Have fun with this, take your audience through your relationship from the start and make it like a mini movie.

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4. Send a Single Flower with a Note

Some people prefer to do something straightforward. The couple could send a single flower with an attached note to their loved ones. It's romantic and is excellent for people who may be on a budget.

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5. Slip Customized Candy Bars into the Dessert Area

Who in their life hasn't wanted to be Willy Wonka for a day? Now you can be! Choose your candy and create your very own wrappers for them. Slip the candy bars into the dessert area at a family party and wait for a reaction.

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6. Organize a Scavenger Hunt

Take the time to create a scavenger hunt that will take everyone back to their middle and high school days. You can make it like a puzzle: everyone must do all the things on it and put together the clues to figure it out, with the final result being the announcement of your engagement.

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7. Show up in Customized Clothing

The couple may choose to print shirts that announce their future family. Make them for your close family and friends as well, if you can, so they can keep spreading the good news.

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8. Make a Cake

Bake a cake, or for those not blessed in the baking area, get a cake made! Bring it out at the end of a night with family and friends and have them read what's written on it. Everyone will be happy for two reasons: a new marriage and cake! You cannot get better than that.

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9. Submit the Announcement to a Newspaper or Magazine

Go the traditional route and announce the engagement in a newspaper. This has worked for countless couples in the past, and is something you will have forever. Plus, it's always exciting to see your name in the press.

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10. Create an Online Photo Album

Online photo albums are a new-age way to send the engagement message. Loved ones may look at the pictures and follow the story until the end. Plus, the couple get to take their engagement photos and announce all at once. Two birds one stone? I think so.

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11. Spell It Out

For the couple who loves those classic word games like Scrabble or even Words With Friends, have a game going with your family and friends and through your ongoing turns spell it out for them: w.e. a.r.e. e.n.g.a.g.e.d.

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Have a fun engagement announcement that we didn't mention? Share it below!

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