14 Ways To Get A Good Night's Sleep

February 28, 2013

Getting enough rest is crucial if you want to be healthy. People who deprive themselves of sleep have higher chances of developing health conditions. Humans are just like batteries: they need to recharge in order to function. However, not everybody gets enough sleep. If you have trouble falling and staying asleep, check out these 14 tips.

1. Set A Bedtime

One of the most effective ways to get enough sleep is to set a bedtime. Irregular sleeping patterns can make falling asleep difficult, so the next time you want to stay past midnight, try to remember your bedtime.

2. Get Rid of Electronics

Your bedroom should be a peaceful space; it shouldn’t be filled with electronic devices. If you have a computer, laptop, phone or any other device in your room, take it outside.

3. Exercise

A tough workout will make you feel tired, which makes falling asleep a breeze. Some great exercise ideas include running, walking, jogging, yoga, boxing and cycling.

4. Listen to Calming Tunes

One way to fall and stay asleep is to use soothing noises. Don't have a nature preserve outside your window? Try adding some calming tunes to your bedroom atmosphere. Classical music, waves, rain and birds singing work wonders.

5. Go to the Dark Side

Sleeping with a nightlight may seem like a good idea, but did you know that it can make falling asleep a lot harder? Instead, try making the room as dark as possible.

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6. Forget Caffeine

If you want to fall asleep quickly, then it’s best to forgo caffeinated drinks and foods. Save the coffee for the morning.

7. Bathe at Night

Bathing with warm water soothes and relaxes you. Instead of taking morning showers, try to bathe at night because it helps you unwind, which makes falling asleep a piece of cake.

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8. Meditate

One of the most effective ways to fall asleep quickly is to meditate. Deep breathing helps you relax, so if you have trouble sleeping, a little meditation always helps. Plus, it beats counting sheep.

9. Drink a Glass of Warm Milk

Milk has melatonin, which helps people fall asleep quickly. Plus, the warmth is soothing to the stomach. Oh, to be able to sleep like a baby again...

10. Don't Nap

On the plus side, napping helps you regain your energy to power through a long day. However, when nighttime rolls around, you won’t want to go to bed.

11. Read a Book

Reading a book helps you unwind and relax, although if you've got a page-turner on your hands it might make it difficult to turn off the reading light. Try reading a thick historical non-fiction book.

12. Think of a Vacation

Remember that vacation to Tuscany, or that warm and relaxing trip to Mexico? Daydreaming of a vacation can quickly turn into night dreaming.

13. Count Your Breathing

Inhale and exhale, and as you do this, count to 100. Thinking of sheep is optional.

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14. Eat a Snack with Cinnamon

Cinnamon helps you calm down and relax, so the next time you have trouble sleeping, try some warm milk (tip #9) with cinnamon for a delicious start to a full night's sleep.

Any sleep tips that we didn't mention that have worked for you? Share them below!

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