7 Reasons Couples Fight at Night

February 25, 2013

It may seem odd, but many couples do most of their fighting at night. It is actually quite logical as most people are worn down by the end of the day. These are 7 reasons couples fight at night:

1. Timing

The fact of the matter is that sometimes, problems simply cannot be properly addressed until the evening. During the morning, everyone is frantically trying to get ready for work. If they have children, having a discussion in the morning is practically impossible. The timing of fighting at night is simply more conducive to the schedule of most couples.

Bad Timing
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2. Children are Finally Asleep

As previously mentioned, fighting in the morning is nearly impossible if children are in the home. Once the children are finally asleep, parents are able to address all of their concerns from the day or week prior without fear that the children will overhear the conversation. Just make sure not to wake the sleeping baby!

Children are Finally Asleep
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3. Hunger

Do not underestimate the power of being hungry. You have worked a long day. You did not have time for lunch, so you come home to eat something and unwind; however, your significant other immediately starts in on things such as bills, dishes, parties, etc. This is often a trigger point for many people.

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4. Work Problems

Many people do not properly channel their frustration from work. This often leads to people bringing their problems home and taking it out on their partner rather than resolving the issues with the overbearing boss or the nagging client. Bringing work frustrations home is a very common contributing factor to couples fighting at night.

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5. Tired

When people are overly tired, they start to lose their filter and tolerance. Many people start fights simply because they are too tired to look at a situation rationally or logically. They often jump to conclusions and skip the proper communication channels and go straight to a fight.

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6. Sex

Believe it or not, some people start fights at night to avoid sex. Some people do so consciously and others subconsciously. Each person is different; however, the reason behind the fight is clear. One sure way to be certain your partner does not want to be intimate is to make them too mad to want you.

Source: sxc.hu

7. A Bad Day

If your partner had a bad day, this may lead to you starting a fight. Their fowl mood may not always end with them starting a fight, rather it may actually trigger you to start a fight. It is easy to become upset with your loved one when they shut down or treat you poorly.

A Bad Day
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As you can see, couples fight for any number of reasons. Whether you are in a bad mood, trying to avoid intimacy or waiting for the kids to fall asleep, you are not alone in the night fight. Bedroom fighting has been proven to affect mood & sleep quality the next day.

So how do you avoid bedroom fights? It's good to be aware throughout the day as you encounter potential night fight situations. The best way to avoid a night fight is to be aware, step back and observe your actions. Remember, you only have control over how to react to a situation. You don't have control over a bad day, work problems or the weather. So next time you are about to start a fight or your significant other is having a bad day, be aware of how you react and you can turn a night fight into a fun night!

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