10 Tips to Avoid Hot Flashes at Night

February 19, 2013

Hot flashes are an instant way to ruin a good night's sleep. These 10 tips to avoid hot flashes at night will ensure you are well rested to face the challenges of the coming day.

1. Cool Bedroom

A bedroom needs to be at the "right" temperature of between 60 and 68 degrees to ensure quality sleep. Keep your bedroom cool. Draw the shades during the day to prevent sunlight from permeating the room with natural heat. Sleep with a chilled gel pack and use a fan or air conditioning when necessary.

Cool Bedroom
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2. No Restrictive Clothing

As you consider your sleeping apparel, consider lightweight pajamas. You might also consider sleeping without any clothes at all if you really wish to lower your temperature throughout the night.

No Restrictive Clothing
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3. Extracurriculars

Any extracurricular activity should be performed during the day. The earlier in the day the better. Try to avoid any strenuous activity at least two hours before you plan to go to bed. This includes sexy time with your partner.

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4. Relax

Stress will raise your blood pressure and increase your anxiety levels. These adverse reactions to stress will also contribute to hot flashes. You should consider meditation before you go to bed to ensure you are in a complete state of relaxation prior to entering your sleep cycle.

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5. Think Holistically

You should try any number of herbal remedies suggested by holistic physicians. You might also consider trying alternative medicine such as acupuncture as a way to prevent hot flashes at night.

Think Holistically
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6. Hormone Replacement Therapy

If holistic remedies do not work, speak with your physician about hormone replacement therapy. This process has proven to work in a number of women; however, it does not always work successfully for everyone. You may also have a challenging adjustment period.

Hormone Replacement Therapy
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7. No Spice

Some people find that their body temperature rises after eating spicy foods. This is not the case for everyone; however, it may contribute to your hot flashes if you feel you experience this phenomenon, so avoid the spice.

No Spice
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8. Caffeine

Stimulants such as coffee often trigger chemical reactions in the body. Caffeine will not only keep you awake, but it may also cause hot flashes as the body attempts to stabilize to normal levels once the stimulant begins to subside.

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9. No Alcohol

Your body needs time to process the alcohol. You should avoid drinking at least six hours before you plan to go to bed to ensure the chemicals in such beverages do not interrupt your sleep nor contribute to hot flashes.

No Alcohol
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10. Hydrate

Keep water next to the bed. If you feel your body temperature rising, take a drink of water. This simple tip is often the savior remedy for many women throughout the night.

Hot flashes often interrupt quality sleep resulting in a number of negative side effects. Make sure you do everything possible to be your best each day by following these helpful tips to prevent hot flashes.

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