2 Year Cotton Anniversary Gifts For Her

January 12, 2013

How did two years go by so quick? It's amazing how time flies when you are having fun...As a guy, it can be challenging to find a 2 year anniversary gift that truly shows your wife how much you care for her. Although it's more personal to give your wife a handmade cotton anniversary gift, time and creativity may be road blocks. Trying to find an appropriate gift while staying within the boundaries of "cotton", can be challenging. Below we have listed out a few options that will hopefully make shopping for a 2 year anniversary gift for her, a little easier. When making the list, we made sure to keep in mind cotton as the two year anniversary is traditionally the "cotton anniversary":

1. Cotton Robe - 

This gift idea sounds very simple and it is. However, in order to spice it up a bit, buy a luxurious robe from a prestigious spa in your area. Include a gift certificate for a spa treatment inside the robe. This accomplishes the need for a cotton gift while also providing some relaxation for your wife.

Photo courtesy of Restoration Hardware

2. High Thread Count Sheets - 

Does your wife enjoy staying in bed late on the weekends reading or playing with her iPad? Given that many females enjoy time in bed, purchasing a set of high thread count cotton sheets may "hit the nail on the head". Similar to the cotton robe, cotton sheets fulfill the need of providing a gift that she will enjoy daily while also fulfilling the need of a cotton anniversary gift. 

Photo courtesy of ExceptionalSheets.com

3. Organic Cotton Towels -

Similar to sheets, towels can make for a great gift as they fulfill the cotton anniversary need and are also practical. If you really want to step up your game, buy a heating rack to go along with the new towels. The heating rack allows your wife to warm up her towel prior to getting out of the shower. This is a nice touch especially in the winter!

Photo courtesy of TowelsbyGus.com

Do you have any other suggestions? To learn more about other 2 year anniversary gift ideas for her, check out our Pinterest board called "Cotton Anniversary Gifts".

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