Wedding Registry Gifts and Statistics

December 22, 2012

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The below information is based on a survey of 11,582 couples conducted by and 

- On average, couples create wedding registries with 3 vendors

- 7 in 10 men are involved in selecting items to add to the wedding registry

- 49% of wedding gifts were cash or gift cards

- Roughly 1.5 million couples registered for 151 items in 2010 which is 10% greater than 2009

- The average age for couples getting married is 28 and 26 for men and women respectively

- Roughly 70% of couples have lived together prior to marriage (even if they tell their parents otherwise...)

Given the statistics above, it's clear that wedding registry gifts have changed. Since couples have spent more time living with each other prior to marriage, it's likely that traditional wedding gifts may already have been purchased. Likewise, as the average age of marriage increases, couples disposable income increase in parallel, allowing them the ability to purchase items that may not have been in their budget.

The next time you are shopping for a wedding registry gift, keep the above information in mind.

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