How Much to Spend on a Wedding Gift

June 16, 2012


If you are scratching your head trying to decide how much you should spend on a wedding gift, take comfort in the fact that you are not the first person to find yourself asking this question.  A large percentage of people who attend weddings every single year are left wondering exactly how deeply they should go into their pocketbooks. 

There is more than just money at the heart of this question because we all want our wedding gift ideas to stand out and be as memorable as possible.  But how can you go about having your wedding gift stand out when so many different wedding gifts are being handed out to the bride and groom?  This isn't an easy problem to conquer, unless that is you employ the right approach.

Unique wedding gift ideas often entail taking a certain degree of risk.  Anyone can buy a gift right off the wedding registry.  The bottom line is that buying gifts not on a registry takes a bit more guts.  However, the end result is that your present will be considered unique and memorable. 

You will also want to take into consideration how close you feel with the couple getting married.  If it is a distant relative or a friend that you don’t see very often, you may feel less inclined to spend money.  If it is a very close friend or family member who is getting married, you are expected to buy a nicer gift.  According to an article by Forbes Woman, you also will want to put more thought into the gift and also spend more if you feel very close to the couple tying the knot.

First of all, you should never put yourself in a serious financial hole in order to buy an outstanding wedding gift.  This just doesn't make sense.  Secondly, you need to stay within your own budget.  If you already are paying money to travel to the wedding and pay for your hotel, shelling out big bucks for an extravagant gift may just put you under too much pressure.  Further, if you have already bought the couple an expensive engagement gift, it is understandable if you spend less on the wedding gift.

A general rule of thumb that many people use to determine what to spend is that the cost of a gift should at least cover the cost of the meal.  Another way that some people have figured out what to spend is to calculate $20 towards the gift for every year that they have spent with the couple. 

Every wedding and every situation is different.  If most of the other people attending a wedding are not likely to invest in an expensive or elaborate gift for the couple, you may make others feel uncomfortable or even embarrassed if you shoot too far over their heads with your gift.  In this situation, be cautious with the present you select.

This article also discusses the benefits of “group giving.”  If you see a gift that you would really like to buy for a wedding present but can’t afford, you can consider pitching in towards the costs with a few other people.   This is a trend that is becoming increasingly popular among gift givers. 

In short, the issue of how much you should spend on a wedding gift is a delicate balance.  You want your gift to be impressive, but you don't want to embarrass other wedding attendees.  When it comes to wedding gifts, quite often the best choice is to demonstrate that the item you selected took thought and planning.  This fact says just as much or not more than the dollar amount attached to your present.

How much do you usually spend on a wedding gift? Let us know in the comments section below.


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