What Type of Wedding Gift Should the Maid of Honor Give?

May 07, 2012

Coming up with the perfect wedding gifts can take time, but when you are the maid of honor, you know that you simply must get it right!  Being the maid of honor is a tremendous responsibility, and part of doing the job well is finding unique wedding gift ideas to please both the bride and the groom.  Add to this quandary the fact that all eyes will be on your gift selection and the pressure does tend to mount!  As a result, oftentimes the maid of honor will decide to skip using the wedding registry and instead opt for something with a more personal touch.
The maid of honor is a focal point at any wedding.  This means that your gift has to be on target.  If other wedding guests are not creative with their gift giving, this might go unnoticed.  However, as the maid of honor, your gift is expected to be very meaningful.
So where should you begin?  The first step is to select a gift that you know will be perceived by all as being tasteful and useful.  If you accomplish this goal, you are in good shape.
Of course, knowing the bride and groom is important when selecting a gift.  In this regard, you have a real advantage over those who are simply just attending the wedding.  As the maid of honor, the odds are exceptional that you know the bride fairly well, and this gives you the edge you need to find unique wedding gift ideas.  Portland resident Marisa Alexander states, “I was the maid of honor at a wedding a few years ago, and I quickly realized that my friend was anticipating that my present would be really personal. Since I know her so well, she wasn’t expecting me to use her registry.  I had to get really creative to come up with a gift she would love!”
It is time to go shopping keeping your own firsthand knowledge of the couple firmly in mind.  You will be amazed with the variety of interesting wedding gifts you can find by shopping online.  It is also a good idea to personalize your gift by stating why you believe that your gift is a perfect fit for the happy couple.  While it is never stated that you must do this, it is nonetheless subtly expected. 
Of course, no one is stating that you must deliver a long and elaborate speech on why you selected your gift.  However, be ready with a few words on your thought process on why you selected this gift out of the potential wedding gift ideas at your disposal.  You also will likely want to write a sincere and heartfelt note to go along with your unique wedding gift. 

What is the best wedding gift you have given?

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