Buying an Awesome Wedding Gift Not on the Registry

April 22, 2012

Couples put a lot of thought and planning into every aspect of their weddings including, of course, the wedding gifts that they list on their registry.  As a result, it can be rather difficult to be innovative when giving a present.  However, if you are looking to stand apart from the crowd when it comes time to give a wedding gift that means you need to think differently and approach the giving process from a different angle. 
Buying gifts that are actually not listed on the wedding registry is a simple way to get noticed and give something that is memorable.  Why?  The biggest reason is that most wedding gifts do end up coming from the registry and, as a result, the happy couple can only be slightly surprised.  While they may act shocked and amazed when they receive the gift, the truth is that they already anticipated what you were likely to buy for them!  Therefore, they already knew about the gift ahead of time; they just didn’t know it would come from you specifically.
When you decide to break the mold and buy a gift that is not on the registry you, and your gift, simply stand out more.  The fact is that everyone wants his or her wedding gift to be important to the couple that is getting married.  This is why people spend so much time considering unique wedding gift ideas.  When you select a gift idea that is not on the registry, you definitely boost your chances of being well remembered!
In order to generate truly unique wedding gift ideas, it is necessary that you do your homework and research so that you understand the happy couple a little better.  Information is power and, in this particular situation, it is the power to surprise the happy couple on their wedding day.
If the bride and groom are close friends or family members, you are likely already well aware of their tastes and habits.  Start thinking about what you could provide that would actually improve their new life together.  Also it is key to think about gifts that will be equally desired by both partners. 
But what should you do if you aren’t close friends or family members?  In that case, if you should ask other people who know the couple well about their interests or hobbies.  It is time to do a little detective work.  However, in general, you can assume that most people want wedding gifts that will improve their home life, and that can often translate to items for the bedroom and kitchen in particular.
Finding a great wedding gift isn't just about searching for a high-quality gift; it is also about searching for a gift that fits the couple, their personalities and their lifestyle.  The more you know about the bride and groom, the greater the odds will be that your unique gift that is not on the registry will be prized and appreciated.

How do you decide on a wedding gift?

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