7 Unique Wedding Gifts that Won’t Be Returned

February 15, 2012

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Eight place settings, a dozen towels, cotton sheets, and a new set of steak knives. These are common (and boring) wedding gifts that couples might unwrap with a smile the morning after their wedding. However, the chances that they will be talking about those gifts for years to come are slim. These 7 unique wedding gifts will create a buzz when they are opened:

1.     A membership to a club of the month

For anything the wedding couple might enjoy, including wine, chocolates, flowers, fresh fruit, or even popcorn, there are monthly clubs devoted to providing gift recipients with a delivery each month. Before you dismiss the idea as too expensive, several online retailers offer different packages for three, six, nine, and twelve month purchases. Pair a good bottle of tequila and a bag of tortillas in a gift bag with a certificate to the Salsa of the Month club to add a little spice for the newlyweds.

2.     Picture perfect

Add a wedding gift twist by creating a digital photo album with pictures of the bride and groom. Enlist the help of family and friends several weeks or months ahead of time and gather pictures. Feel free to gather pictures from any period of their lives. Scan the pictures using software such as Pinnacle Studio and add captions and music. Include a new digital picture frame like these from Kodak for a unique gift. If the bride and groom can handle a little humor, add a "Bloopers Reel” to the album with photos of past boyfriends and girlfriends, such as prom and high school homecoming pictures. Add in some funny tunes, such as You’ve Lost That Lovin’ FeelingYou Can Go Your Own Way, Dude Looks Like a Lady (especially if the groom used to rock a curly mullet), or I Got a Brand New Girlfriend.

3.     Couples Comforter  

The wedding gifts of your parents might have been new sheets, but the Twovet is the unique duvet for two that satisfies different sleeping preferences for the bride and groom. It is scientifically proven that males and females have different tolerances for heat. This down alternative duvet offers a warm side that is 2x thicker than the cool side, and it doesn’t matter who sleeps on which side of the bed as the product can be rotated. (I have to be on my side of the bed!). The Twovet™ also lets both partners feel comfortable without the hassle of plug-in products that may be a safety hazard. This unique wedding gift will be the talk of the gift opening and will be appreciated each night by the bride and groom.

4.     Personalized flair

It doesn’t need to be a monogrammed bathrobe or towel, but personalized wedding gifts can be modern and memorable. Online print on demand (POD) companies like Zazzle allow shoppers to design and purchase personalized products. Take a picture of the couple, their home, their favorite vacation photo, or the inscription on their wedding invitation and add it to anything from t-shirts to life-size cardboard cutouts. While designers can choose on Zazzle to make their products public, you can also create designs that are private and only seen by you. Show your humor by adding ball and chain graphics or text that reads “I’m the better half” inscribed on items, or get matching tees that read “Married People Should Never Dress Alike”.

5.     Game day fun

Grooms aren’t known for their excitement over wedding planning and gift openings, but that will all change if you give the gift of game day fun. Take a basket and add products like hats, key chains, or foam fingers from their favorite team and add an envelope with tickets to a game. Check into season passes for the local baseball team and add a box of Cracker Jacks to complete this unique wedding gift idea.

6.     Technology for two

Give couples a modern day gift with technology. If you know the couple is heading for a beach honeymoon, consider an underwater digital camera for capturing all of those snorkeling shots. For the adventurous couple, give the gift of a GPS system for their vehicle or an outdoor version they can use for geocaching and hiking. If you really want to challenge them, simply put GPS coordinates in their wedding card and let them find their own way to the actual wedding gift (just make sure you remember to get the gift to the coordinated location on time!). For tamer technology gifts, new e-readers preloaded with a selection from a favorite author might be the perfect addition to their honeymoon suitcase for lounging by the pool.

7.     All fun and games

Set the gift tone right by inscribing on a card “Keep the fun and games in your marriage!”. The gift can then really be big or small, depending on your budget. Consider giving the couple an inscribed game board or just pull together some fun and traditional board games and create a game basket. If the wedding couple loves the outdoors, the games can be items such as a croquet or bocce ball set. If the couple is younger, consider games like ladders, horse shoes and bags.

Don’t become a slave to the boredom of the traditional gift registry. Wedding gift ideas that will be memorable (and appreciated) are within your reach. Now the hard part is choosing which one you will surprise the couple with for their big day! 

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Twovet Comforter Size Chart
   Width  Length  Fill (thin) Fill (thick)
   Queen  92" 88" 20 ounces 40 ounces
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