Two-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas: Cotton For The Couple

December 11, 2011


Couples have been getting married, in one form or another, since the beginning of time so it’s not surprising that gifts to celebrate wedding anniversaries would eventually follow.  It was in the Middle Ages that the tradition of milestone anniversary gifts began, when neighbors and friends would bestow upon a wife, silver garlands to celebrate 25 years of marriage.  If the couple reached fifty, the husband would present a gold wreath to his bride.  According to Wikipedia, gifts for the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 50th, and 75th anniversaries were traditional leading up to the early 1900s, and Emily Post, in her 1922 etiquette book, covered those established gift suggestions.  In 1937, the American National Retail Jeweler Association made the list comprehensive to include every year of marriage, giving a corresponding ‘symbol’ to represent the continued strength of the couple’s life together.  So while paper denotes the first year anniversary because of its interlocking fibers, it is also delicate.  By five years, however, couples are encouraged to celebrate their union with the strength of wood.  At eleven years of marriage, a couple’s commitment is made of steel. 

The traditional gift for the couple celebrating two years of marriage is cotton.  Cotton represents durability and stability.  Hopefully, two people together for two years are experiencing both strength and consistency.  And let’s not forget about comfort.  Cotton feels good, just like your marriage.  Celebrate it by giving your husband or wife a cotton anniversary gift that symbolizes the relationship.
Thick, absorbent towels for the bathroom, cotton throws to keep warm while watching television, bathrobes for after the shower, pajamas to sleep and lounge in, even slippers for cold feet – all are good two-year anniversary gift ideas and all come in cozy cotton.  There are also cotton hammocks for a lazy afternoon, cotton roses that won’t wilt and, of course, cotton boxers and bikini bottoms.  The most obvious choice, though, and the most romantic, is bedding.  Think about it.  There are two of you.  It’s your two-year anniversary.  There’s still plenty of intimacy and that brings to mind the bedroom and, more specifically, the bed.  Soft, crisp, high thread count sheets feel perfect getting into at night and staying under all morning.  Cuddle up under an inviting, cotton duvet, put your head on a smooth pillow.  Nothing makes more sense for the second anniversary than a gift for the two of you.

Even more important than the thread count of a duvet or set of sheets is the quality of the cotton.  Egyptian cotton is best because of the length of the fiber used.  It’s stronger than regular cotton, just like your marriage.  After a washing or two, Egyptian cotton is soft yet sturdy.  It’s all a metaphor for the two-year wedding anniversary.

If you’re like most couples, you and your spouse have different body temperatures between the sheets for which the Twovet™ is the perfect two-year anniversary gift.  It’s a duvet for two, heavier on one side than the other so that one of you can stay warm while the other is cool.  The two of you will be cozy under a handmade, 400-thread-count Egyptian cotton duvet that will end any arguments you’ve been having in the first two years of your marriage about blankets on the bed.

The first anniversary gift was paper, a little flimsy.  The third anniversary is leather, a little tough.  Make a statement when you celebrate two years and embrace the comfortable cotton anniversary just as you embrace your spouse.   
What do you want for your next anniversary gift? 

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