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August 09, 2011 2 Comments

Sewing a prototype was one of the first steps in bringing the Twovet™ to life. This process gave us a better understanding of manufacturing difficulties, materials costs, manufacturing time, etc. Rather than creating a full size comforter (90" X 90"), we thought it was appropriate to create a miniature version. This gave us the opportunity to test different fabrics, fill weight, thread, etc. 

During this process, we were able to determine the exact specifications for production. Below is a picture of our first (of many) prototype: 

Have you created a prototype for a product of your own? If so, please share it with us in the Comments section below. 

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2 Responses


December 31, 2011

Lin -

Thank you very much for the comment. I really like the name of your product. Many single females find our comforter useful if they experience hot and cold temperatures during the night. It sounds like your product would do the same. Likewise, similar to your product, our comforter offers couples with different sleeping preferences, a solution. It sounds like your target market would be very similar to ours. I’d be happy to lend you a hand with your product. Feel free to shoot me an email at anytime (


Lin Persick
Lin Persick

December 30, 2011

My prototype was for what I called “Menopause Sheets.” I made an actual set to use on our bed to see if they actually worked. I took half of a flannel bottom fitted sheet and half of a regular cotton sheet and sewed them together with a flat seam right down the middle. I did the same thing with the flat sheet. Then I would put the cotton sides on my side of the bed and the flannel sides on my husbands side of the bed. It was wonderful! He was warm enough and I was cool enough! Very similar to your idea only sheets instead of a blanket. How did you get your idea off the ground? Would you be interested in helping me get this idea out there? Lin

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Twovet Comforter Size Chart
   Width  Length  Fill (thin) Fill (thick)
   Queen  92" 88" 20 ounces 40 ounces
King 107" 92" 24 ounces 48 ounces