Temperature Regulating Comforter

Hot, Cold? The Temperature Regulating Comforter is Designed for Couples and Sweaty Sleepers.

  • Are you having trouble sleeping at night because you are too HOT and your partner is too COLD? We have created a solution for your problem! 

    Unfortunately, most couples are not getting the best night's sleep. Some reasons for lack of sleep include hot flashes, night sweats  and sleeping temperature (thermal) incompatibility. This comforter is designed with innovative mesh fabric that regulates air temperature around your body. During the night, your body goes through different sleep stages as well as different temperature stages. Stop your night sweats tonight with the Temperature Regulating Comforter.

    This unique comforter will keep you cool, while keeping your partner warm. After a full night's sleep with this Temperature Regulating Comforter, you will feel like a different person! 

    Warm Weather - In warmer weather, this comforter transports excess heat away from your body which prevents unwanted perspiration. 

    Cool Weather - In cooler weather, this comforters layered fabric creates pockets of warmth which warms the air to match your body temperature. 


    Twin: 68" X 86"
    Full: 81" X 86"
    Queen: 92" X 88"
    King: 107" X 92"
    Oversized King: 116" X 98"

    - Luxurious 280 Thread Count, 100% Combed Cotton Shell
    - Handmade in the USA
    - Eco-Friendly
    - Hypoallergenic / Irritant Free Fill
    - Reinforced Seams / Double Stitch
    - Color - White

  • Do you suffer from night sweats? Customers are amazed by how well this comforter handles their temperature fluctuations. Although the concept and technology may seem confusing, it is quite simple. During the night, you go through different stages of sleep; REM, non-REM, etc. Similarly, your body goes through different temperature stages; warm, cold, etc. During these stages, heat and humidity build up creating unnecessary moisture in your bed. The hi-tech mesh fabric transports excess heat away from the body (up to 3X better than conventional comforters), allowing you to reach a comfortable sleeping temperature. 

    During the colder winter / fall months, the unique two layered climate zones, warm the cooler air to match your body temperature, allowing for a less-interupted, warmer sleep.

    Luxurious 280 Thread Count, 100% Combed Cotton Shell - This unique shell provides warmth and softness at a reasonable price. 

    Handmade in the USA - Individually hand-crafted in the US guaranteeing superior quality compared to mass-produced comforters. This alone will make you sleep better at night!

    Eco-Friendly - Constructed with materials that are free from harmful chemicals providing you with "piece-of-mind".

    Hypoallergenic / Irritant Free Fill - Synthetic fill provides the same benefits as down: loft, non-clumping, warmth and softness. You will be surprised by the loftiness of this fill - guaranteed! If you have allergies, this is the comforter for you as it provides the same warmth as down without the sneezing. 

    Reinforced Seams / Double Stitch - Each comforter is handmade with a double / reinforced stitch to ensure quality and a longer life, saving you money in the long run.

    Care Instructions - Use front loading commercial washer and dryer on cold/gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low. Do not dry clean, bleach, iron or steam.

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